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children's room a box

The changes announced are currently underway. In this post I shared with you ideas for gadgets for a children's room, and one of them was a toy chest. It turned out that they are not the cheapest, so I decided to show you that a stylish room for a child does not have to be expensive at all, and such a chest can easily be made by yourself.

What will we need?


1. Self assembly box IKEA, 39,99 PLN

2. Painting foil to protect the substrate on which we will paint | CASTORAMA, 6 PLN

3. Small roller with a tray | CASTORAMA, 10 PLN

4. Brush | CASTORAMA, 3 PLN

5. Swivel, rubberized wheels | CASTORAMA, 3 PLN x 4 pieces = 12 PLN

6. Wood screws for mounting wheels CASTORAMA, PLN 0,50

7. Wood painting primer Bricomarché, 12 PLN

8. Wood paint | CASTORAMA, from PLN 10 per can

9. Screwdriver or screwdriver


Step by step toy box:

1 step

DIY children's room

All elements of the box are painted with wood primer on each side, and left to dry for the time recommended by the manufacturer.

Our foundation smelled mercilessly, it was wonderful that we started painting when Miki was already asleep, because the whole house had a sharp, terrible smell, fortunately we managed to air it out until the morning. Therefore, be sure to choose a different primer if you want to paint in a closed surface.

2 step

toy chest


We paint all the elements of the crate on one side with paint in the selected color, leave to dry and paint on the other side.

1 tip
You will probably start painting from large surfaces,
but it's best to start with small details, edges, sides,
and finally paint large surfaces.

2 tip
The thinner the layers of paint you apply, the more beautiful the effect will be.

3 tip
Wait up to 24 hour between applying subsequent layers,
so as not to wash the roller and the trays each time, I recommend wrapping them in a sealed bag.

3 step

We paint all parts of the box for the second time.

4 step


We turn the crate.

5 step


We screw the wheels to the bottom of the box

4 tip
It is a good idea to drill before screwing in
tiny holes that guide the screws


And the toy crate is ready!

DIY toy box
toy box
children's room a box


How do you like it? Do you fancy such DIY?

And I can't wait to show you the whole room in a new version.



Answering your questions about exactly what paint we used:

  • Paint from the mixer bought at CASTORAMA, made right away
  • Beckers Designer Aqua Lackfarg [40] - Water-borne allryl enamel for wood and metal. Semi-matt.
  • Color: Formula: BW 1,6 CW 1,3 GH 2,4

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  • 25.11.2020

    WOW effect 🙂 but as one of the predecessors wrote, the lid would do an extra job here

  • 12.01.2020

    I will not say - nice thing. However, I would probably make a chest with a lid and give even the simplest hinges. I have seen several solutions where the chest could also serve as a seat or a handy table for play. As always, you can juggle the possibilities 🙂

  • Ela

    A very successful set, brushless motors do the job, it will definitely be used for years, a handy suitcase, I help the children a bit with renovation and I bring the screwdriver in it. Two additional batteries mean that you do not need to actually invest anything anymore and then you can always use these batteries for other ryobi equipment they +

  • 21.02.2019

    Very good solution 🙂 I also have crates in my house and I'm very happy with them, it looks cool and is very roomy 🙂

  • 24.12.2018

    Nice chest. I have one closed with a flap, also made from scratch. I found that the hatch and hinges are not much more work, but there is additional functionality 😉

  • Karol

    One could say - like from a store 🙂 I also like to do something myself sometimes, I already have several chests for things on my account, including I managed to make a few with an opening flap (then the box becomes a little treasure chest, just in time to stimulate a child's imagination). I always try to have various connectors or hinges from e-Armet at hand, I stock up on a regular basis, because I also work a bit in repairs professionally. By the way, you can always do something fun for children, for the home.

  • anusia2711

    Beautiful mint color

    • 13.06.2016

      Anna, I don't quite understand the question? They told me in the store that all they need is information:
      Formula: BW 1,6 CW 1,3 GH 2,4
      Beckers Designer Aqua Lackfarg [40] - A water-borne acrylic enamel for wood and metal.
      And they get this color from the mixer.

    • Anna

      And for what capacity of the can? I ask about it because the amount of paint depends on the shade to the proportions given. So in the store I was told

  • 23.12.2015

    These crates are great - but you can prepare them cheaper by using wooden apple crates - of course, first you should clean them with sandpaper (their cost will be much lower than those from IKEA)

    • 13.06.2016

      oh so certainly these are already polished and clean, something for something 😉

    • 24.06.2016

      it's true, with such rough boxes it goes down a lot longer!

  • lecibocian.pl

    It looks great, but I can't wait for your son's new room.

  • Life and chill

    Great, I think I will also start to "play" at handicrafts instead of spending a fortune on such ready-made things. What is this saving, I will not mention satisfaction 🙂

  • 01.12.2015

    And could I find out if it is wallpaper on the dotted wall?

    • 01.12.2015

      You can - this is a photographic background 🙂

    • Arleta


      looking for inspiration I got here and I really like it :). I also created a few boxes for our house, but white ones. I was interested in this color because for some time I have been thinking about the mint-beige room for my daughters. You wrote that this is a photographic background and you have not encountered such a wallpaper in this pattern? :).

      And is the paint color as described above from the mixer Formula: BW 1,6 CW 1,3 GH 2,4?


  • 01.12.2015

    Great idea. I didn't even know that Ikea could buy such a case. I used to think about making one for toys, but I wanted to use the fruit box. Unfortunately, I could not get one :-( Now I will definitely buy this one from Ikea and start painting 😉

    • 01.12.2015

      Super, be sure to show how it came out 🙂

  • bet

    the cost of all 94 purchases is PLN, it is also cheap?!?!

    • 01.12.2015

      Too cheap, these are the products that I chose, but you can easily reduce this cost:
      - instead of buying an external box with stainless screws, you can buy a fruit box, or ask the store to leave a fruit box - surely there will be no problem, because we have been collecting such boxes for wedding decorations recently, but it may require grinding
      - old newspapers can be used instead of a paint foil to protect the surface
      - instead of rubberized rings, you can buy cheaper, plastic ones
      - many people have a paintbrush or roller at home, so this cost is not included, and can even be incurred and can be used many times for other projects
      - wood primer and paint are also suitable for other DIY projects ...

  • Anetti & Emma

    I would also like to know what paint it is 🙂

    • 13.06.2016

      Beckers Designer Aqua Lackfarg [40] - A water-borne acrylic enamel for wood and metal.
      Color: Formula: BW 1,6 CW 1,3 GH 2,4

  • Joanna87

    Great, I think I'll do the same! 🙂 just say what paint it is, because it has a great color 🙂

    • 13.06.2016

      Beckers Designer Aqua Lackfarg [40] - A water-borne acrylic enamel for wood and metal. Semi-gloss.
      Color: Formula: BW 1,6 CW 1,3 GH 2,4