Small garden by the row house

small garden in a terraced house

The small garden by the terraced house is a place where I love to spend time. How did I manage to make the most of the small space?


The garden is really the main reason why we decided to change the flat in the center of Gdynia for a terraced house outside the city 6 years ago. At that time I was pregnant and I realized that our apartment met all the requirements, but couples of two young, free, childless people, not future parents with plans for more children. I was thinking about where I would go for walks with the children, since wherever I would go, it would be a walk at the height of the exhaust pipes speeding the streets of cars?



We started looking for a home. We had a limited budget - we wanted to change our financial obligations resulting from having an apartment 1: 1, so I am very glad that we were able to exchange a 70 sq m apartment in the city center for a 2 sq m terraced house with a small garden in Gdynia's bedroom. To this day, I remember the day when I saw this place and felt that this is our home, the house we will create and where our children will grow up.



Small garden by the row house

In front of the house there is a driveway and a small piece of lawn, and behind the house all 36 m2 of landon which I could see a small garden from the beginning with my eyes, our oasis of peace. And I devote to him today's post.




We wanted to arrange our small garden next to the terraced house. Very we wanted privacy - if it is possible in a row house. The garden fence with which we took the apartment from the developer was poor - a partition 2,20 x 2,20 "separating" us from our neighbors and a green mesh. We felt that we did not know if we were sitting in our own garden or in our neighbor's garden, because the net was almost invisible, it was as if we were using a common space. We knew we wanted to change that. We just wondered how.


Our first idea was celebrates. However, when we calculated how much space they would take from the already small garden (I calculated that even 10m!), We gave up this idea. It is also an undeniable fact that it thrives on this spider shelter, but let's say that nooo, it was not the reason why we rejected this idea 😉


We have found that we will simply extend the fence that is already standing between us and our neighbors. Because it already needed renovation, simply we set it up from the beginning from boards from the wood warehouse and painted.


small garden in a terraced house

small garden fence



When it came to furnishing a small garden, we really wanted on the terrace, grass and something "wow" for children.




Why the terrace? - you ask. - A large lawn is not enough?


First of all, so that straight from the house, barefoot or in socks, you do not go directly onto the grass - if you want to go out only for a moment, for example, talk on the phone outside or check the weather.


Secondly, so that, after walking barefoot on the grass, although some of the dirt may remain on the terrace, and not be applied to the interior of the house.


Thirdly, so that we can put garden furniture on it and eat a meal together, without having to put on shoes.


I will prepare a separate post for you from the construction of the terrace in our small garden next to the terraced house, because I have pictures from its creation. These are not ready pallets, but a platform made by the company based on our idea. Boards were brought from a wood warehouse, painted and nailed to concrete blocks.


wooden terrace in a small garden

terrace in a small garden

small garden with terrace




Lawn… the truth is we tried different options. Unfortunately we don't have much time for grass care - we work a lot, we often go away on weekends and we cannot water it every day. I must admit that hardly any grass survived this. You don't even want to know what our lawn looked like after our month-long stay in Rome, when we did not manage to make the first mowing in April / May ...


After a grassy apocalypse during our absence we decided to lay grass from the rollespecially since it is a small space. What's more - there is a well in our small garden. Thanks to the rolled grass, we didn't have to figure out how to hide it (maybe repaint it? Green? Brown?) Or protect it in some way - we just spread the grass on it. Of course, there was a risk that the smaller amount of soil under the grass would turn yellow in this place or simply grow worse, but surprisingly, nothing like that really happens. This solution worked especially for us when the submersible pump broke down - we simply cut a piece of grass for the duration of the repair and moved it aside, and then we covered it. No trace!


lawn in a small garden




Our "wow" ingredient was… sand! We live by the sea, so why not invite us to our cottage a bit of beach?


There is a sandbox on our beach. Of course, it looks as nice as in the picture only for a moment, because children are spreading this sand, but ... we know that it won't last forever. We let them play in the sand as much as they like, and I have a place to put up a deckchair 😉 I sweep the terrace regularly, and sometimes I even just go out with a vacuum cleaner when I clean in the living room.


sandpit in a small garden

beach in a small garden



Flowers and plants

Like in the case of grass, I wanted the plants that will be in our garden, they were not demanding. I put on filled pots lavender, which I associate with Provence with pleasure.


small garden with lavender lavender in a small garden lavender to a small garden


We also left a strip of greenery on which we planted raspberry bush, currant bush and gooseberry bush. Thanks to this, our children know that fruit and vegetables do not grow in a supermarket, but grow on bushes. Besides, it is very nice to see how happy they are to find the fruit on the bush - it tastes much better then!




First of all, a comfortable sofa set made of a chain store and a bench for children, so we can have a good time together. And for mum, while playing in the sandbox - a comfortable deckchair 😉


furniture in a small garden

furniture for a small garden

set for a small garden


I also dreamed of a wooden swing, but here again we had to keep in mind the small space that we would still wear. So we hung the stork nest swing to the balcony on the chemical anchor.


nest stork swing




She also stood in the corner of our little garden woodshedwhere we keep wood for the fireplace. Due to the fact that it is located on the part covered with a terrace, you can take a wood log even barefoot or in socks and add it to the jumping flames in the evening 🙂


woodshed in a small garden

small woodshed garden



A small garden in the row of houses is our fifth roofless room. We wanted it to be as intimate as possible in a row house and pleasant. It seems to us that we have achieved the intended goal and used 90% of the possibilities offered to us by a small garden next to a private house. Maybe someday there will be a place for some brilliant idea ... we are open 🙂



small garden



Our small garden by the terraced house is more beautiful every day:

Flower pots Brico Marche

Lounge set Jysk

Bench for children Allegro

Nest stork swing Allegro

Solar lamps Ikea




How do you like our way of arranging the space in our small garden next to the terraced house?


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  • Bartek

    "I will prepare a separate post for you from the construction of the terrace in our small garden next to the townhouse, because I have photos of its construction."
    When can you expect the above description?

  • Mielna Lesniak

    Great arrangement. He is just planning something similar on his 50 m2 of green space
    I have a question about sand.

    1. Does the sand come from the beach? Is it some special sand.
    2. How does sand work after the winter season? Ok rainfall? Fall periods?
  • Maciej

    Very beautiful :) We also really like the fence and we want the same :) We only wonder if the natural wood was painted or pressure-impregnated? The impregnated one is unfortunately much darker and we are afraid that after choosing the silver-gray glazing mentioned here, something completely different will come out.

  • 18.02.2021

    Beautiful photos, best regards!

  • 24.11.2020

    White furniture visually enlarge the space and match practically every aesthetic! :) Very nice photos. Best Regards

  • 29.10.2020

    Cool! I am slowly arranging my tiny studio, I want to take care of every detail of my arrangement. I really like this interior design blog 😀 It inspires me at every step!

  • 11.09.2020

    Such a garden is a great solution 🙂 all you need is a little time, willingness and good tools to conjure up such a miracle 🙂

  • Martyn

    A very atmospheric garden 🙂 I am planning my small garden space 😉 May I ask what height is the wooden fence?

  • Marta

    A beautiful garden and a wonderful table. Please write where you bought a tablecloth, napkins and pampas grass. I dream of similar styling at home

  • 10.07.2020

    Beautifully arranged small space. In the case of such gardens, the most important thing is that it meets 100% expectations of tenants, and in your case it probably is. And of course, I envy sand 😉

  • Małgorzata

    Very atmospheric nook :-) I would like to ask for additional information where the garden umbrella comes from and does it work during the winds and rain?

  • 07.05.2020

    Super used space 🙂 I would like the same.

  • Basia

    A wonderful garden! 🙂 We have a very similar one that we are about to arrange !! 🙂 Your post will also be very useful to me! 🙂 Best regards and thank you!
    PS. Can you know where the pots are from? They are beautiful!

  • 24.04.2020

    Maybe small, but so atmospheric! I can't look at these pictures zdjęcia I envy such a place for myself very positively! 🙂 Greetings from an apartment without a balcony 🙂

  • Marysia

    Dream! I am asking for information about the name of the boards used for the fence, what is their size and what were they painted with?

  • Aga

    Beautifully in such a small space ☺ I also live in a row house, I have a garden wagon. Extremely difficult to develop. We are in the middle of work, and we will boast about the result. I like the color of the wooden walls, did you buy ready-made material in this color or painting? I can know what and what color is it exactly? Regards Aga