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In my wardrobe, most of the clothes are in the BASIC style - simple, safe solutions, suitable for many occasions, even timeless, including T-shirts, blouses, navy blue jeans or skirts, simple one-color dresses, most of them in neutral colors of white, gray and black. It's a bit boring 😉 but I don't have time to run around shops and compose sets, I need quick solutions.

To overcome this boredom, I try to always have an original accessory on or with me, and I do not mean top-shelf global brands, not necessarily chain stores, usually searches for handmade items on the web - thanks to this, they are not like that popular, and I know that someone has put his heart into it.

Today I wanted to introduce you to my handmade bag with a bow from Zuzi Górskiej, which stole my heart - conservative colors again, but without a doubt has such a charm that it draws attention, adding to my safe combinations.

And what are your favorite original additions?
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