Day 6: City - May Photo Challenge

Ula's photo challenge

I love sitting in restaurant gardens, talking and laughing, looking at people. Szobobury Sopot.

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  • 15.12.2013

    I know these tables well 🙂

  • 17.05.2013

    🙂 Me too ... and I love Sopot for another month and we will spend 2 weeks in Sopot as a family :)

  • 16.05.2013

    lovely place! I was delighted with these yellow flowers in pots, such an optimistic accent. 🙂 I've only been to Sopot once, but I will have to visit this city more than once

  • 13.05.2013

    Even gray-gray is, in my opinion, beautiful and atmospheric 🙂

  • 13.05.2013

    Sopot… although I live in the Tri-City area, I don't get to much time. Too crowded there for me 🙂

  • 13.05.2013

    how nice, I haven't been to this city for ages

  • 13.05.2013

    no, no Sopot is not gray-bury, Sopot is fantastic, only this weather under the dog: o)

  • 13.05.2013

    oh i have never been to Sopot .. has its own atmosphere ^^