Stickers or decorative stickers on the wall - how to stick it evenly?

how to evenly stick a sticker on the wall

What are stains and why is it worth using them to decorate a children's room, bedroom or living room?

What are the crosses?

These are high-quality wall stickers that can be repeatedly attached and peeled off, i.e. re-attached without damaging the wall.

Where did the idea for slips come from?

Too often I make changes to our interiors to decide to spend many evenings painting the entire wall in a checkerboard pattern of identical clouds in five colors, even using a stencil. Too often, only to say after six months that it is high time to paint them over and paint… even the mountains. That is why colorful stickers seemed to be the perfect idea to decorate a child's room in accordance with its theme.

Where to buy slips?

When designing the room, I created a collage of themed colors that you can see here. That is why I could not find anything suitable in the standard offer of stick shops. So I decided to order the custom-made curves based on the colors I selected exactly, for which I used the Pantone color palette. The company made the stamps for us Redro.



Colors and designs

How to stick the crosses?

To start sticking, you must first have a plan. Total chaos is also a plan, but I put on clouds arranged in a chessboard. On the sheet of paper I calculated the intervals between the clouds, which allowed me to order the right amount.

How to stick the labels evenly?

When I received the card stock full of stickers I sat down and did not know where to start. And here she came to help me fiollkaawho, in response to my commentary, told me the story of how she herself stuck peas in 9's baby room in the month of pregnancy!

“I made myself such a mesh of threads, where I stuck them alternately with polka dots

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  • 07.03.2019

    I admit that I was keen on your idea. I wanted to decorate the wall in my daughter's room. I tried, but something went wrong and the stickers went down about halfway down the wall. And combining how to set the level and not to smudge the wall. The night helped me. I lit a lamp at the corner of the wall and got a nice ray along which I glued.

  • 07.01.2019

    I was skeptical about stickers, but your post showed them to me in a different light. As for the entry itself, it is very pleasant to read it, everything is understandable and consistent.

  • 14.12.2018

    Beautiful colorful room for a baby, clouds are impressive 🙂

  • 20.09.2018

    And such stickers are very cool. Although it's probably a lot of work. 😀 It turned out great!

  • 05.05.2017

    These stickers are a great idea. To change the wallpaper, you have to tear it off - renovation. A really interesting type of decoration. Especially when you rent an apartment.

    • 08.05.2017

      Exactly - we already have a photo and there is no trace of it 🙂

  • 14.10.2016

    Hello! I am with you for the first time! I am just waiting for a set of such stickers - stickers. I will decorate the bedroom wall with them. The choice fell - I don't think it will be a surprise - on hearts, but in a uniform, black color, because the bedroom is pastel and you need this something and I think that it is the hearts that will add expression. Best wishes. PS Your wall has been completely divided into equal rectangles? You started with czefo, measuring their dimension?

  • Tatiana Cecot

    just .. wall sticker, my husband and I are going to renovate the room with our two daughters. one is 3,5, the other is 1,5. How does it look in practice ? it is known that these stickers will not be on the wall all the time because in the end it will be necessary to renovate again, the walls in the whole apartment should be painted. How do these stickers then download? there is no difficulty with it?

    • 19.04.2016

      In practice, the stickers are applied many times - they stick well, they do not cause any damage on the wall, also when torn off. I took mine off after six months and the wall looks perfect. The only thing is, if you take them off after two years, you may see the difference, because the walls without the stickers will get dusty, and not under the stickers - but I haven't experienced anything like that in six months 🙂

  • bigsmile

    these stickers came out interestingly 🙂 in my Jasio's room, however, we focused on such a wonderful and high-quality photo wallpaper in animals 😀 dimlab has a lot of positions, but it's nice that you can also use your own graphics and then print it with them.

    • 19.04.2016

      also a great idea, but I appreciate in the stickers that I could take them off without renovation 🙂

  • Ola

    Lovely room, you change it beautifully.
    Tell me what size these clouds have and what was the cost of printing them?

    • 08.02.2016

      Thank you 🙂 the crosses were made especially for my order, but since they already have this pattern, write to them with a question about clouds from the blog Spod Kocyk and they will quote you everything:
      The clouds have the dimensions 8x4cm and are arranged as follows:

    • Kasia

      Agnieszka, do you remember how many clouds she consumes in total?

    • 10.06.2016

      I have around 100 pieces mnie

  • MaminyBlog

    Playing with the tricks is just ahead of us, I hope that your daughter's room will come out as charming as yours 🙂

  • 22.01.2016

    It looks like more work than these two hours 😉 but the effect is amazing!

  • Paula

    It looks wonderful <3

  • caramel

    It came out beautifully 🙂 It looks almost like wallpaper.