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Your wardrobe is bursting at the seams, and you have nothing to wear?

And when you finally put on something, you usually regret all day that you didn't wear something else?

Are you constantly buying something new and still have nothing to wear?

Don't know how to complete clothes sets?

You don't know what cuts are good for you, and what should you avoid like fire?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then this series of posts is for you!

In the 2016 resolutions, I put the deal with my wardrobe at the top of the list. In fact, for the last 2 years I was mainly "sitting at home" - pregnancy and maternity leave, as well as large fluctuations in shape and weight meant that I really have nothing to wear! And I don't feel well in my clothes on a daily basis. My figure has changed, fashion has changed and so have my expectations, so my wardrobe needs a complete metamorphosis. The clothes I feel sentimental about, because I wore them to work 2-3 years ago, and which today do not fit me anymore or I do not like them anymore, also baggy wonders in which I initially hid my pregnancy belly, blouses for feeding and clothes that are only suitable for walking around the house, but without opening the door to the courier.

Facing this challenge, I wanted a companion, someone who would be my guide and stylist. Every day I deal with wedding fashion myself, as well as an analysis of the figure and the selection of wedding outfits. I know how to hide too wide hips or shoulders, emphasize the waist and bring out all the advantages of the bride's figure, complementing the outfit with appropriate accessories. I can recognize whether this figure is an apple, hourglass or pear, and I can also match individual pieces of clothing. However, I have the impression that when looking from the side, it is easier to be objective and provide perfect advice than when you face yourself in front of the mirror. Here our dimensions can be overshadowed by complexes and sometimes for years a man tries to hide his bottom too large in his eyes by putting on patterned blouses, not noticing that it causes deformation of his figure because, by widening excessively at the top, it starts to resemble a triangle, moving away from Perfect hourglass proportions.

I will not pretend that I know fashion well and I am up to date with the fashion press and catwalk creations, because I do not follow these trends on a daily basis, but I believe that great fashion is not the key to looking cool and good. So I'm not looking for my way to a new and refreshed image by watching fashion shows or subscribing to Harper's Bazaar. Looking for simple, quick and proven solutions that will serve me for years, I decided to use the guides, and on my list and in my home library there are 3 new items:

The selection of books was not accidental - the authors of these books look fantastic every day, which they regularly show on their blogs or vlogs, so there is nothing better than to learn it from them.

Well, I'm starting!

Tomorrow is the review of the first book by Katarzyna Tusk "Primer of Style" >> click.

Who's curious And who has already read?

Or maybe you would recommend me some books that have revolutionized your wardrobe?

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