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For me, the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in our home, and I still attach importance to the environment in which we sleep and relax. When, after a full day of work, meetings, play and childcare, I go to the bedroom, turn on the relax mode and clear my head of excess thoughts. It's a place of calm for me.


When after the salon metamorphosis you can see here, we were wondering again how to decorate a bedroom  I started looking for ideas that would make a minimalist, a bedroom in an exotic atmosphere, tailored to our needs, referring to what we both love. Which meant that another year was waiting for us bedroom metamorphosis?


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Oh! Create an Apartment - Contest!



When I was preparing the makeover of the bedroom, I was contacted by the organizing brand Porta drzwi Create! action, wherein I am looking for the most beautiful apartment in Poland and original and extraordinary interiors. The house is not only nice-looking elegant rooms, but above all the stories of its inhabitants, which made the place arranged in this way. Our story explaining why elegant bedroom has gained an exotic atmosphere, you'll find out below. Or maybe you have your unusual story that you tell the interior of your home?


The competition O! Create an apartment provides main prize in the amount of PLN 30!



Awards for the second and third place are respectively PLN 15 and PLN 000. The organizers also predicted 10 additional prizes worth PLN 1. This is a very high amount and extremely attractive prizes. You can use them to renew the next room in the house, buy your dream interior accessories or a completely different purpose. Maybe you are dreaming bedroom metamorphosis or a trip to an exotic vacation (this association comes to my mind first when I look at my new bedding!)?


Apply for the competition!


Applications are accepted from 11 January 2019 to 28 February 2019. What do you have to do to participate? go to the website otworzmieszkanie.plwhere you'll find the subscription form. Describe your story and the process of creating your unique apartment there. Also attach photos so that the organizers can see a beautiful picture of your home, which you will paint for them in advance with words.


Bedroom metamorphosis in our apartment

When Maksio - our second son appeared in the world, I decided to separate a feeding, care and sleeping area in our bedroom. How to decorate a bedroom separating such zones in it, I described in the previous entry, documenting step by step our course bedroom metamorphosis. If you want to read it, click here. Maybe it will be an inspiration for you to introduce changes in your own interior? Here you can see what the changing and nursing corner looked like, also arranged in our bedroom, a here you'll see a feeding corner right next to it with a beautiful, comfortable armchair, which I used to arrange a new bedroom decor.


Up to now, right next to our bed, on my right, was also basket of Mosesin which our Son slept. He took up very little space, and thanks to this solution I could have Maks always close to me. Now that he is bigger, it's time to arrange his own children's room and change for us, this time so that our elegant bedroom it was functional, fully adapted to our needs and told our common story.


bedroom metamorphosis gray bedroom inspirationsbedrooms, inspirations, cozy bedroom


Grays in an exotic bedroom

When, almost five years ago, together with Wojtek we moved into this house, we painted the wall in the room a dull green color, and during the previous metamorphosis we changed it to a light olive gray. That's how it was created elegant bedroom, which combined gray walls, white furniture and delicate pastel accessories.


We decided that gray bedroom we like it very much and we stayed with this color. We are still accompanied by a comfortable upholstered bedroom bed, which I like very much for its appearance, comfort and practicality - due to the fact that its backrest is tilted, it is the most comfortable bed for reading books or eating breakfast. I also love beds for the bedroom with a container for bedding. By choosing such a solution, we gain additional space to store bedding or other things that do not have a place in the house. This is a great solution, especially when we have a room with a small area.


large bed for the bedroom_door decor


You know that I really like pastel colors, especially shades of pink, but this time I decided on completely different colors and decided to go a little crazy. I chose the pillows in color dull blue, which he accompanies exotic bedding in intense colors, with a predominance of blue and orange. I fell in love with this combination! Although I usually choose light, subdued shades and smooth materials, I must admit that I am enchanted by this bedding and I am already planning to smuggle more designs in this atmosphere!



Wooden frames with our family photos, standing on bedside tables, replaced those in shades of blue. They stand out beautifully against a white table. Frames are an extremely small and cost-effective change, and they can beautifully change the interior! Family photos and plywood monogram from the previous one bedroom metamorphosis, make us feel exceptionally well inside.



We also replaced the handles at the tables with more atmospheric ones - elegant silver handles replaced those more suited to the exotic pattern of bedding and the new sea climate that has entered our interior.



On my side, on a small shelf under the table, a beautiful blue box with an opening lid was found, which I showed you already on Instagram. This is my hiding place for treasures - creams for evening rituals before bedtime, for which I no longer have the strength in the bathroom. Gray bedroom and blue accessories with original patterns are a perfect combination!



A dressing table in the bedroom and a reading corner

I also decided on a small table with a stool that functions as a dressing table. I placed it right next to the window so that I had access to as much light as possible while painting. It's not much space, but it's enough for me - under the lid of the dressing table I keep all the color cosmetics I have, and when I pick them up I have a mirror to paint.



The windows are gray, opaque curtains and curtains. We live in an urban environment and there are other houses around us. I wanted to gain a sense of privacy, but at the same time not obscure the light that comes through the windows too much. Opaque curtains obstruct the diverse space, introducing harmony to the bedroom, while not restricting the flow of light.


We changed the baby changing and childcare corner into a reading corner. In the place of children's dresser stood my favorite, very comfortable feeding chair and a small lamp. The armchair was perfect for the role it was purchased for. I felt perfectly in it, feeding my little son, and now it will serve me as a place to relax and read (may! I usually have time to use it as a clothes hanger).


Speaking of reading. Right next to the armchair stood a bookcase that makes ours bedroom in an exotic atmosphere it is even cozier. I have arranged the books by colors and alternating sizes on the shelves, which not only looks beautiful, but also facilitates the search for publications in our home. When Wojtek recently asked where he would find "Nowy Szafrański", I only replied "orange", and he immediately found the right position



The whole was complemented by a tree, which stood in the place where Maksiowy stood previously basket of Moses. All these elements, despite the subdued colors and simple interior, personalized our bedroom, and why the decision to change the pink to blue and focus on intense colors and exotic bedding?



Exotic bedroom in a maritime climate

The answer is simple - the reason is our love for the sea!! I am a native citizen of Gdańsk, Wojtek has lived in Gdynia almost from his birth and it was in Tricity that we met over ten years ago and fell in love with each other from the first impression, we got married for the first time and started living together - we started a family. We love ourselves and the sea on which our love began. From the attic window I can see the calm Baltic Sea. I rest and relax at the seaside, we both have a lot of wonderful memories associated with it, so we decided to transfer a part of our beloved sea also to ours elegant bedroom. We've already added blue accents to the living room. Now I have my little sea not only in the attic.



How do you like ours? bedroom metamorphosis? I hope you will take part in the O! Create action and show us your home. The rewards are really high so it's worth it! Be sure to show off what your apartment looks like! 😊


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  • clemens.pl

    Nice bedroom. So "pure", I like the flower in the corner the most anyway .. 🙂

  • Jadzia

    I must admit that such a bedroom is really impressive 🙂

  • 09.12.2019

    A beautiful bedroom! I like the whole arrangement very much.

  • Anna

    Cover color
    Hello, this bed is my dream, what color is it, do you remember the name of the model?

  • 16.06.2019

    very aesthetically pleasing, beautiful bedding, but I am always scared by those beds with a headboard that looks like a vertical pillow, you would like to lay your head on it, but you can't ...

  • 27.05.2019

    Agnieszka, you have a beautiful bedroom! 🙂 It is very cozy - you would like to spend some time in it 🙂

  • 22.03.2019

    Crap, I never thought that you could have such a nice bedroom. For me, what counts is its severity due to the lack of other stimuli. I also only have a shelf for books, but I try to make it a corner for peace and regeneration.

  • 19.03.2019

    I totally fell in love with this bedding! Wow, lovely <3

  • 01.03.2019

    The bedroom makes a great impression. Wonderful colors and accessories do a nice job 🙂 I dream of such a bedroom 🙂

  • 25.02.2019

    I really like browsing such blogs - it is a mine of great ideas for changes in your environment. Bravo. Shades of gray and black in each version are probably the latest fashion trends. Curtains, bedding and all accessories in such colors perfectly match everything. At home, I will certainly make such a headboard behind the bed - a perfect idea for those who like to read in warm bedding. Best regards.

  • Karolka

    This dressing table is beautiful! I really dream of just one - small, minimalist and with a place to hide cosmetics. Please let me know where it was bought. I think it will be perfect for my small bedroom.

  • 20.02.2019

    I really like this minimalism. The rooms are, admittedly, gray. You gave me inspiration - a plant in the room. I still knew I was missing something. You see that the plant gave life to the room.

  • 11.02.2019

    Good morning Mrs. Agnieszka,
    Fantastic bedroom. The lively green accent by the bed appeals to me the most. Is the color arrangement of the books constant or for the session? He also "does the job" 🙂
    And a question from my husband (we browse the page together) - this is a bit of a professional fixation - is the wardrobe high gloss lacquered? We can see that the door is reflected in it, but we are not sure.
    I think we will use the initials above the bed somehow at home. Maybe not necessarily the bedroom - we are thinking about the hall and add some kids.
    We continue to browse. Best Regards.

  • Ewa

    Where does this beautiful dress come from? It would be perfect for my son's baptism 🙂
    Beautiful and cozy bedroom. Great competition. I already have a vision of my bedroom, we only collect funds for it.

  • Ania

    Can I have a link to the bedding? She's beautiful!

  • Aleksandra

    And will you reveal what paint you used for the gray wall and what shade it is?

  • 21.01.2019

    Beautiful bedroom, I was captivated by bedding, can you tell where you can get one?

  • 21.01.2019

    Very nice bedroom - such an elegant decor looks very good 🙂

  • 19.01.2019

    Sleeping is wonderful, I definitely have such a dream, but so far in my bedroom there is only a used bed and a dressing table with a stool 😀

  • Ksenia

    Hello, we are just arranging a new apartment and the biggest problem is having a bedroom, namely the choice of bed. I like the upholstered beds, but there is practically no version with a container for bedding. Maybe you could advise me shop / network / online stores where you can get a bed similar to yours, where there will be a choice and maybe the container version will go. Best wishes! A faithful reader of the blog.

    • 21.01.2019

      Ksenia, I am shocked, because it seems to me that they all have In mine is from the Incris salon - it has a large container, it's an additional wardrobe. And when choosing the backrest, pay attention to whether it is slightly tilted - it is so convenient! As I sleep outside the home now and there is no this tilt, I greatly appreciate the one I have at home.

  • 16.01.2019

    Your bedroom is beautiful. Such an interesting color and orderly. A good place to rest 🙂 our bedroom is yet to be renovated, if it goes well, in 2020 🙂 then we will have a great renovation of the whole house - three rooms and a kitchen. Until fear to be afraid of how long it will take.

  • Asia

    How beautiful! How do you manage to keep the interior so clean and transparent with two children? <3 A fabulous competition, one of the best I have ever seen <3

    • 21.01.2019

      First of all, minimalism and as few things as possible on flat surfaces gives such an effect - there is simply nowhere to make a mess, of course, apart from the armchair - sometimes you can't see it from under the pile of clothes, but it's the only place in the bedroom that gets cleaned quickly by one plaything than five 😉