Gray wrapped in a soft violet ...

gray wrapped in a soft purple interior

Sometimes I come across interiors that make me feel better.

Today I present to you a large room in my favorite colors: white, black, gray, all wrapped in a soft purple.

Our living room is heading in a similar direction, modernity combined with romance, of course, we will have more knick-knacks ... So far I am not only convinced by the lighting, but the sofa, pillows, blanket, curtains or the dining corner I really like :) like here?

Have a nice Monday 🙂
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  • 10.07.2012

    pretty cool ... I just don't like the piece of the wall with the tv ... I don't like that kind of lighting otherwise the wall behind the tv seems empty. The TV table is also so bland 😉 and as for the colors, I also think that it could be warmed a little - I bet on orange or light green 🙂

  • 05.06.2012

    I have a lot of strong purple in my room, I really like all its shades, but I like warming up with orange or adding a turquoise accent ... it's very cozy with gray, ashes, but a bit sleepy for me