Happy 7 for the first time

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In the face of stressful events, we often forget how important it is, for example, to enjoy small things, hence I decided to start a series of posts: Happy 7, and with it to share with other small matters that gave me happiness.

Here is the premiere list:

1. Casual sneakers and positive owls

Due to my work, I do not allow myself to have a very comfortable, sporty "look" on a daily basis.
The last time I waited for my husband at the mall, I went to the first entrance to the Pull & Bear store, fell in love with carefree white sneakers and a shopper with happy owls - they made my day! After a while, the thrown off elegant pumps and a handbag landed in a new, positive bag on my shoulder, and I went on a shopping trip in white sneakers on my feet - comfort, lots of colors - I needed that!

2. The Untouchables

I won't reveal too much, but if you fancy a good, somewhat slappy movie with a fast car in the background, I recommend the untouchable. PS The husband also liked 😉

3. Lava Cake

Undoubtedly sinful, but how tasty! Available at Pizza Hut.

4. Color picker

Pink, magenta, Tiffany Blue or azure?
Describing colors when coming up with wedding stylizations makes everyone dizzy, and the colors on the screen can be very different from those in the printout. Here, the PANTONE color picker came to my aid, thanks to which the colors from the monitor perfectly correspond to those in print, and even the most difficult to describe color can be included in a combination of several characters. I'm loving it!

5. Design Your Life

Alina gave me great pleasure, remembering at home about my women's office, and the number of people who visited my modest thresholds that day left a few words or sent a message was a huge motivation.

6. Beauty salon

I love these moments of luxury when I can give myself over to professionals who will take care of a tired complexion or feet for a few hours. The moments spent at my favorite Beauty Institute are priceless.

7. SpodKocyka.pl

The new address of my blog or yesterday's gift from my husband.

And what has caused you so much fun lately?

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