9 miesięcy

It's been “9 months” and everyone knows it's about pregnancy. This exceptional state when a new life grows in a woman's body and everything changes. How to prepare for these moments? What about clothes, baby accessories or tests? You can get lost in all this! However, on my blog you will find valuable articles that will help you prepare for the birth of your baby!

Where do the terrorist mothers come from?

mother terrorist parenting blog

Terrorist mothers are particularly easy to identify on the Internet. Anonymity or not saying something while looking at another person's eyes favors such phenomena. But I bet that they are also close to you, only this type of terrorism loves to hide under the guise of good advice ...


Personally, I believe in the natural good of other people, so if they behave inappropriately, I try to look for the cause of such behavior.


Spending a lot of time on the Internet, which is a mine of sociological events, as well as among other mothers in real life, I began to wonder more deeply - where does so much venom in us, Mothers? The subject fascinated me so much that I had to add a theory to it.

Will you have a emperor? Just don't tell anyone about it!

caesarean section and scar after cesarean section

Even if you have indications for a caesarean section, for example the gluteal position at the first delivery, for a narrow pelvis or discopathy, you know that a threatened and burdened pregnancy will have to be terminated ahead of time so that the baby is more likely to be healthy, or you all happen at once, absolutely don't tell anyone you're likely to have a cesarean!

How to choose a feeding chair?

feeding chair
I spend the last days before the birth of Mikołaj reading all sorts of books on issues related to raising children. Although there are many schools, and none of them suits me 100%, being aware that life will verify everything in its own way, it confirmed my belief that I need a comfortable, secluded place to feed. And most importantly - comfortable - since for the next few weeks, and maybe even months, we will spend in it quickly, counting at least 4 hours a day (feeding every 2,5-3 hours x duration at least 30 minutes). So it cannot be an uncomfortable sofa, chair or bed, on which I personally find it difficult to find a comfortable position to sit. So I started looking for the perfect feeding chair.

Pregnancy necessity

must-have for pregnant women

I do not like the term "truck" and I think about the topic of this post for the longest time. Because although pregnancy - especially in recent months is a really heavy burden - it is so sweet!

Here we go - here are the things that definitely make my functioning during pregnancy easier: