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Sensory toys - Montessori aids - 10 the best

sensory toys

Sensory toys also called Montessori aids are extraordinary support for our toddlers in discovering the world and stimulating the senses.

The senses are of great importance in the development of infants and young children. Puppies get to know the holidays that surround them, they are interesting, they have to try everything - taste, touch, smell, watch from all sides. Sensory toys are those that shape the ability to receive, understand and respond to stimuli coming from the environment. Sensory toys also activate the child's brain.

5 the best games on the sofa for children - and parents above all

I don't know myself what to say about the 5 entry for children's games on the couch, which made me more lazy: fall laziness, sleeplessness or the cold season that we have here. Here are our favorite games on the sofa, i.e. when the parent does not have to run / fly / swim or sweat, and can even lie comfortably on the sofa - even with two children. Perfect for our cold or children's cold, Christmas morning or afternoon, whenever we dream about not moving anywhere. Here is the 5 of my hits that I always have on hand!

How to prepare for a pregnancy photo session?

abdominal pregnancy session ideas

Pregnancy session has always been my huge dream. So rarely do my husband and I stand together in front of the lens, and the period of waiting for a child for the Miracle of Birth is so special that I just had to have a wonderful souvenir from that period. Today, when there are three pregnancy photo sessions behind us, I have prepared for you a small guide on how to prepare for such a session.