Child - his appearance is a revolution in life. A child makes things never be the same again because our whole life is reevaluated and rotates 180 degrees. What does it look like with us, what have I learned and am still learning?

Mutsy Evo

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Starting the series of posts about pram reviews, I couldn't help but start with the first stroller that came to our home - the Mutsy Evo in the 2in1 version, i.e. a deep stroller and a stroller in one, so a gondola or a stroller seat can be mounted on one frame. 

Where do the terrorist mothers come from?

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Terrorist mothers are particularly easy to identify on the Internet. Anonymity or not saying something while looking at another person's eyes favors such phenomena. But I bet that they are also close to you, only this type of terrorism loves to hide under the guise of good advice ...


Personally, I believe in the natural good of other people, so if they behave inappropriately, I try to look for the cause of such behavior.


Spending a lot of time on the Internet, which is a mine of sociological events, as well as among other mothers in real life, I began to wonder more deeply - where does so much venom in us, Mothers? The subject fascinated me so much that I had to add a theory to it.