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How to prepare for a pregnancy photo session?

abdominal pregnancy session ideas

Pregnancy session has always been my huge dream. So rarely do my husband and I stand together in front of the lens, and the period of waiting for a child for the Miracle of Birth is so special that I just had to have a wonderful souvenir from that period. Today, when there are three pregnancy photo sessions behind us, I have prepared for you a small guide on how to prepare for such a session.

Weekend in Troje - Hel

I have already written to you about our Sunday morning ritualsand today I will show you our way to a successful Saturday. While on Sunday we love to lie down, and then we devote ourselves to household chores, Saturday we are marked by doing nothing. We put the weekend on our heads, but when Saturday after the whole week comes, we are so hungry for family active recreation in Troje that we usually pack a pram and bag and go on a trip.