children's room

Children's room - there are two such in my house! Although when I think about it, the number of toys in our attic proves that this is another children's room ;-) I have two sons who are growing (Unfortunately! When does this happen? I don't know!), and with them their rooms. On the blog you can read about children's rooms, toys, and furniture!

Children's room metamorphosis

children's room clouds

When a year and a half ago I designed a room for Mikołaj, I did it mainly for myself. It was supposed to be comfortable for me, I was supposed to have everything at hand and perfectly organized. Now that Miki is one year old, the room has started to fulfill new functions, the feeding and nursing room has turned into a playroom and a room for exploring the world, and there is a shortage of places to play and store treasures. Then I started to mumble more and more about the new arrangement ...