free time

Free time should be taken care of in the same way as working time. Work-life balance plays a big role in my life. I know perfectly well that it is just as important as planning a meeting to plan a vacation or the time we want to spend with the family.

Autumn frenzy? I have a way and even a few!

Autumnal depression

Although I train positive thinking every day, I can't deceive my body, which is absolutely not favored by short days and autumn mood drop is contributing. I wouldn't be myself if I didn't fight it. Discover my proven ways to fight the autumn blame.

Mama is offline!

It's a terrible feeling when I check my email on the phone in the morning and see a great offer or… a problem. I can't enjoy breakfast with my husband or goofing around with Santa anymore. My thoughts revolve around the offer or I am focused on solving the problem as soon as possible. What if I hadn't checked my mail until I went to work?

Weekend in Troje - Hel

I have already written to you about our Sunday morning ritualsand today I will show you our way to a successful Saturday. While on Sunday we love to lie down, and then we devote ourselves to household chores, Saturday we are marked by doing nothing. We put the weekend on our heads, but when Saturday after the whole week comes, we are so hungry for family active recreation in Troje that we usually pack a pram and bag and go on a trip.