I love making decorations. It relaxes and relaxes me. It is with great pleasure that I prepare and search for decorations for my children's room, the bedroom, the whole house. Well-chosen accessories can change any interior!

Fun in homestaging or metamorphosis of a seaside apartment

homestaging apartment metamorphosis. apartment before and after

I have always loved British interior programs. Especially those in which flats for sale or rent were prepared in order to display their qualities and to increase their attractiveness in a simple and inexpensive way, and working in such a homestaging company has always been my dream. Our move was therefore an ideal opportunity to have fun in homestaging.

How to hollow a pumpkin for Halloween? - DIY or do it yourself

how to hollow a pumpkin on haloween

I dreamed of home-made pumpkin cream, but the pumpkin had been left untouched on the windowsill for a week. Although we do not celebrate Halloween, it is a great opportunity to take it under the knife and make your first pumpkin lantern. And while we had no experience with it, the task seemed simple enough. Fortunately, we were right - 10 minutes and it's ready!