I love making decorations. It relaxes and relaxes me. It is with great pleasure that I prepare and search for decorations for my children's room, the bedroom, the whole house. Well-chosen accessories can change any interior!

Office renovation - ideas and inspirations

birch furniture for the IKEA office

This is our third office, the move itself was a "wasted" time in terms of work, so we did not want to risk the renovation for longer breaks.

However, a lot of time has passed and our office still needs to be refreshed.
However, there is a plan - on March 22, 23 and 24 we will "renovate" - in quotation marks, because it sounds very proud, and we only want to refresh the walls, buy additional accessories, etc.

Small Great Pleasures

For better mood instead of new clothes or shoes I suggest 5 trifles, a sheet of paper and a printer.



I love cupcakes, and for being both a treat and table decoration, I love them even more. Have a nice day!...