Mikołaj's children's sea room - part #1

We laugh that Mikusia's room was marked by the sea climate after last year's flooding, in which it suffered and was practically furnished from scratch. Do you know that we live by the sea? We can even see them from the windows of our house - admittedly on the second floor, but it's still enjoyable. That is why we decided to invite the sea climate so close to our hearts to St. Nicholas' children's room.

The fact that The favorite and only plush toy that Mikuś accepted to sleep for longer was the whale, so we can say that we created a home for him.

Printable 2019 calendar - monthly

2019 calendar for monthly printing

A calendar with a view of individual months hangs in the kitchen and helps to orient each family member in the family life. I print it every year, hang it on a pad with a clip - thanks to this the calendar costs me a few pennies, and in case of mistakes or a big change of plans, I can always print another page.

Hallway metamorphosis in one afternoon

hallway metamorphosis

Although it will be 3 years in July, since we live in a new place, as always, we subscribe to the proverb that if you do not do something at home immediately, it is almost certain that you will not do it at all. And so it took 3 years for us to arrange and insulate our hall in one afternoon so that we would like to move the dining room table to it and if it could fit in, I would probably write today's post there.

Birthday with the theme ... Mickey Mouse

birthday mickey mouse

Choosing a birthday theme for the one-year-old baby was a challenge for us, because our Son didn't have specific interests yet, while on his second birthday the choice was very simple - between Peppa Pig and Mickey Mouse. Due to the coincidence of names, this time Mickey Mouse stole our hearts.