An oasis of peace and a balm for the soul, eye and palate - 40 minutes from Warsaw

So far, for holidays with children, I have chosen places that are very friendly to them, but those in which I had a guarantee that they would not be the loudest ;-), i.e. large hotels with endless running corridors, created in the first place for parents with children. This time I had a great desire to spend my time a bit differently - quieter, more peaceful, more beautiful, but still very comfortable, with two lively kids aged 2 and 4,5 years. In the countryside, but also close to the city.

Holidays with children - Hotel Grand Lubicz Ustka #dzieciolubne

holidays with children #childrens Grand Hotel Lubicz Ustka review reviews

According to our plan for 2018, a year of implementing work-life balance into our lives, we managed to get another free, extended weekend, which we decided to spend in the family and test another hotel. Relying on your instructions, we again chose the seaside direction and went to Ustka, where we tested the Hotel Grand Lubicz. Is this a place? #dzieciolubne?

Holidays with children - Primavera Jastrzębia Góra #dzieciolubne

The first thing I did when the new 2018 year calendar came to me was to plan family trips throughout the year. As you know from our Instagram, I have already returned to work, and keeping work-life balance is my absolute goal for 2018 year. So I invite you to the account of our first vacation, on the occasion of which we will check if the places we visit are #dzieciolubne and are suitable for relaxing with small and absorbing toddlers. We went to Hotel Primavera in Jastrzębia Góra in January. Has it turned out to be a good place to stay with the kids, and we managed to get some rest, or did we come back even more tired than we went?