Ekomama is a word that describes me. In everyday life I try to be as eco as possible. It is not always possible, but it is worth trying for our here and now, and for the future of the entire planet, our children, grandchildren and subsequent generations. Bet on versatility, multiple use and naturalness. Put eco solutions in running a home and being a mom.

What about immunity?

what about immunity

What about immunity? - this is a question that every mother of a preschooler and elder asks on the Internet 😉 Today I will tell you about what helps us support our immunity every day.

Shortbread spelled cookies without sugar, milk and butter

Today I have a recipe for you, wonderful, shortbread spelled cookies without sugar, milk and butter, perfect for sensitive crunches and small allergy sufferers, although large crunches will also be satisfied. And most importantly, they are very easy to make, invite your baby to bake and you will give him the best fun for the whole evening!