Black kitchen

black kitchen

Black Kitchen and Agnieszka Kudela - I did such a poll for Instastory and over 80% of people voted that it was impossible. I am not surprised at all - when browsing through my interiors on the blog or Instagram, you can see that they are connected primarily by the fact that they are both bright and full of light. And now ... I have a black kitchen - can you believe it? How did this happen?

Fun in homestaging or metamorphosis of a seaside apartment

homestaging apartment metamorphosis. apartment before and after

I have always loved British interior programs. Especially those in which flats for sale or rent were prepared in order to display their qualities and to increase their attractiveness in a simple and inexpensive way, and working in such a homestaging company has always been my dream. Our move was therefore an ideal opportunity to have fun in homestaging.

Kitchen Wish List - this time thematically - kitchen

kitchen wish list

When arranging my kitchen, I focused on simple forms and neutral colors: white, black and silver steel.
Thanks to this I can easily change its character. Besides, I could use some gadgets.
After additions in white and silver steel, I really feel like my favorite, expressive pink with a touch of blue and yellow, and I imagine so.

Small Great Pleasures

For better mood instead of new clothes or shoes I suggest 5 trifles, a sheet of paper and a printer.