mother goes back to work

Hurrah! Mom is back to work! After months at home with your baby, it's finally time for you! Back to work, back to people, beautiful dresses and everyday makeup :-) But ... how to prepare for return to work? What about the wardrobe? What about further feeding your baby? Or maybe remote work - how to prepare for it - how to arrange a suitable workplace and provide peace of mind?

How not to be late Organization operation

how not to be late

Punctuality is unfortunately not the competence with which I was born. However, I quickly realized that this is a skill that people who want to succeed in life simply must have. So learn about my proven ways to fight late arrival that interferes with both late-life life and the entire environment.

Motherhood is overrated

motherhood is overrated

I fell asleep for work today. All because of those teeth. The baby woke up about 5 times today. It was waking me up, it was waking me up. Of course, when I woke up semiconscious at 6:15, instead of 6, the Baby slept until 7:30. Of course, in the middle of the week, when we go to work, he often sleeps so long, on the weekend when we stay at home, he never… gets up at 5!

Work tools of the Wedding Consultant

wedding consultant work

Behind me a very busy week away. From Wednesday to Saturday I was in the wonderful Pakoszów Palace, where we met as part of the Polish Association of Wedding Consultants, of which I am a member. It can't be hidden, but my thoughts revolve more than ever before about professional plans, which is why the post on the tools of work of every wedding consultant fits my mood perfectly.