Cozy bedroom

A cozy bedroom is a need that appeared in me only with time - initially I arranged it in cool white, additionally with glossy fronts, which are not "warm" at all. Check what I changed in our bedroom! Get inspired by my ideas for small changes that will turn any room into a cozy oasis for relaxation.

Bedroom console

bedroom console

The bedroom console finally arrived in our house! Home decorating is a process that matures with us. I love these little changes, and each of them makes me our home is becoming more and more. Today I wanted to invite you to the next installment of our bedroom, which I supplemented with a beautiful white console To the bedroom.

How often do you wash, how to iron and store bedding?

how to wash bedding

I guess everyone likes to go to freshly washed, fragrant bedding ... after all, if you make your bed, you will get enough sleep. But do you know how to care for bedding so that it serves a long time? How to store Is it worth ironing? Let's check it!

Bedroom metamorphosis

bedroom metamorphosis interior design blog

The environment in which we wake up every morning and go to sleep after a day, calm down, relax, regenerate, has a significant impact on our well-being. So let's arrange the bedroom so that it feels as comfortable as possible.

10 ideas for an original bedside table

10 ideas for an original bedside table

Each move releases a large amount of creative thinking in me. Due to the fact that usually when you change your place of residence you can't have everything at once, whether for financial or organizational reasons (such as, for example, order processing times in furniture stores), many furniture is organized provisionally. And as the old rule says: what you do not do at the beginning, you will never do it (fortunately it is not always true) in our apartments many furniture and objects find a non-standard application.

This was the case with us, among other things, in the case of the bedroom - the bed was a pile of mattresses (I was very pregnant and it was important for me to sit and stand up high) and the bedside table ... Figuring out what I can arrange a bedside table with prompted me to write this statement, i.e. 10 ideas for a bedside table.

Fun in homestaging or metamorphosis of a seaside apartment

homestaging apartment metamorphosis. apartment before and after

I have always loved British interior programs. Especially those in which flats for sale or rent were prepared in order to display their qualities and to increase their attractiveness in a simple and inexpensive way, and working in such a homestaging company has always been my dream. Our move was therefore an ideal opportunity to have fun in homestaging.

Bedside tables get through the lamp!

night lamps

Two identical lamps for bedside tables have been following me for a long time.
At the moment, there is a beautiful, stained-glass wedding gift on my table, and my husband is content to attach a lamp from IKEA.