"You are stronger and bolder than you think" - an interview with the owner of Ciuciubabka from Gdynia about how to deal with a pandemic


If you are from Gdynia, you certainly know what Ciuciubabka is. In the era of a pandemic, its owner Agnieszka Łukomska decided to take fate into her own hands and not sit idly by. She created a collection of stories for children, and how it happened and what these stories are about - you can read in the interview.

Business idea | Magazine for Mam Mint - an interview with Bogna Bojanowska

business idea for mothers magazine

Do you dream about your own business, but you still lack the idea for business or courage? Get inspired by the stories of women, mothers, who caught the wind in their sails and today run their own business on their terms. My first interview was given to me by Bogna Bojanowska, editor-in-chief, but above all the owner of the printed Magazine for Mam Mint.