This is how Dorota Szelągowska, journalist, writer, screenwriter and interior designer lives

Dorota Szelągowska's apartment
My home is white, black and gray. They give me a sense of harmony, I rest well among them.
But that doesn't mean I don't miss colors. But so far none of them stayed with me for longer. Usually it's seasonal invitations. However, I miss and crave them greatly. Especially pink, purple, blue or lemon. Toned and subdued, as well as lively and juicy.
Today I wanted to introduce you to Dorota Szelągowska's house, which combines my favorite basic colors, namely white, black and gray, with beautiful and expressive colors and patterns. A beautiful combination. Hats off.

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8-spodkocyka-yes-lives-dorota-szelagowska (7)
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12-spodkocyka-yes-lives-dorota-szelagowska (13)
13-spodkocyka-yes-lives-dorota-szelagowska (14)
14-spodkocyka-yes-lives-dorota-szelagowska (16)

If you liked these interiors and want to introduce more color to your 4 corners, I found for you some of the above decorative items:
yellow submarine hanging lamp, blue deer wall sticker, green felt rug, blue dsr chair
I have already arranged the books on the shelves in color. And what colors do you like to surround yourself with?
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