This is how Rhi - Wedding Consultant lives

female interiors

Sometimes inspiring interiors are not enough for me. I like to know who lives in them and who is responsible for their character. That is why I decided to create a series of posts about interiors in which people whose life, work or work are close.

Of course, I couldn't but start from Rhiannon, a Canadian Wedding Consultant living in the USA, owner Hey Gorgeous Events.

Meet Rhi:









Rhi's wonderful home:









And the place he calls his girly cave:







And this is the latest version of Rhi's office:


photos: &


Undoubtedly, I could live here, worse with work - I do not know how I would find myself without a large bookcase at my desk, where I keep all the documentation regarding wedding projects, but I would certainly invite my clients here.

And how do you like it? Or maybe it inspired you to make some changes?

I'm leaving you with Rhi ... Have a nice weekend: *

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