Geometric wallpaper

geometric wallpaper

Geometric wallpaper is something that catches the eye - from the beginning of arranging the office, I knew that I wanted to use it somewhere. It was supposed to be subtle, but still remembered ... As you probably know, the first floor of our seaside office belongs to the wedding agency Wytwórnia Ślubów, dominated by a female element 😉 You've seen my office beforeHow did we arrange my assistant's office?


The idea that followed when arranging Milenka's office was that the office should inspire, it was not an obvious space in an office building, where ascetic desks and shelves stand against the background of glass walls. We dreamed of a combination of white and natural wood with golden accessories and geometric wallpaper matching the whole ... so that it was nice and inspiring at work.




The first thing that showed up in my Assistant's office was simple beige bookcase from Ikea BILLY with glass doors: we arranged decorations, wedding invitations, vases and my planners.



Another thing that stood in this room was beautiful bright desk with decorative white legs - you could already see them on my Instagram.



We liked the desk so much that we bought more! It will definitely come in handy when organizing larger projects, such as the Wedding Consultant Course, when we need more hands to work on board.



Rattan armchair it was supposed to refer literally to nature and be a place where you can sit and relax during the break, talk, take a distance, but it turned out that ... it is very uncomfortable ;-), so we tried to soften it a bit with a blanket and a pillow.



Geometric wallpaper

The element we thought about for a long time was the wallpaper for the office. We focused on decorative wallpaper in geometric golden patterns. We think it was a bull's eye! Geometric wallpaper from Bimago combines the white of the walls with golden accessories, light wood and the naturalness of a rattan armchair standing against it - I love this unusual combination!


Against the background of the wallpaper, there is a bookcase from the previous office, while we think about the design of a dedicated piece of furniture here on request.




Once we had all the furniture and wallpaper, we found it straight perfect ceiling lights: black, with a golden center - blending perfectly with the wallpaper, and thanks to the black outside, they also refer to the loft character of our conference room located next door (there will be time for its premiere on the blog ;-))



She stood beside the rattan armchair industrial black lamp - Markslojd Andrewwhich on the one hand refers to the ceiling lamps and all the other lamps in the office, and on the other - breaks the bright furniture and completes the legs of the armchair - does it fit perfectly?



If I inspired you and you also want to change your interiors, I have a surprise for you:

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  • Blessed

    Could I find out where the desk is from? It delighted the mnir

  • 30.12.2020

    Great ideas! We will definitely use the inspiration 🙂

  • 21.12.2020

    This geometric wallpaper pattern looks very cool, gentle. It fits perfectly.

  • 29.10.2020

    Geometric wallpaper definitely emphasizes the interior. It fits perfectly with simple, white furniture. I don't know if it would fit more "heavy" furniture. The arrangement looks amazing here!

  • 17.09.2020

    Beautiful end result! The room is refined down to the smallest detail and it must be admitted that the uncomfortable armchair turned out to be uncomfortable in a positive sense, because it looks very stylish when tied with a blanket 🙂

  • 10.09.2020

    Beautiful wallpaper and wonderful interiors. I wanted to refresh the bedroom a bit and I bought a wallpaper with green, vertical stripes 😉 I plan to put it on one wall in the bedroom 😉

  • 04.09.2020

    Such a geometric wallpaper makes the house very modern

  • 28.08.2020

    This wallpaper looks great! Very delicate patterns and a color palette go well together. A bit worse for the person who will put this wallpaper on the wall 🙂

  • 13.08.2020

    The furniture contrasts very nicely with the walls. It is transparent and not cluttered, which gives the feeling of even more space.

  • 07.08.2020

    I like it very much, you can see a woman's hand and good taste. White and clean.

  • 05.08.2020

    Super wallpaper 🙂 Matches the herringbone floor 🙂

  • 04.08.2020

    Wow the wallpaper is gorgeous. * * Color combination also great! Gently but not bland!

  • 26.07.2020

    Very nicely decorated 🙂 can you know where the chair next to the desk comes from?

  • 24.07.2020

    Interesting idea, in my eye it enlarges the space in the room 🙂 and it is not as boring as clean white walls 🙂 Maybe I will be inspired during the renovation of the apartment 🙂 Regards, Kasia 🙂