Birthday with a motif of ... Mickey Mouse

birthday mickey mouse

Choosing the birthday theme for the one-year-old baby was a bit of a challenge for us, because our son did not have specific interests yet, but with the second birthday the choice was very simple - between Peppa Pig and Mickey Mouse. Due to the similarity of names, Mickey Mouse stole our hearts this time.


We invariably assume that a Child's Birthday should be time spent together, not separately, that is, with her mother sitting in the kitchen all day. There were 15 people at our party, preparing a dinner for such a number of people is a big organizational challenge and, above all, extremely time-consuming, which is why our birthday for the second year in a row has the form of a sweet treat in the after-lunch and nappy time.

Birthday cake
this is probably the basis of the birthday menu. Due to the lack of culinary talent, I decided to entrust its execution to professionals. We chose a cake with a light fruity flavor, we gave up the cream for a fruit filling, and the cake was made without milk, so that children suffering from allergy to cow's milk protein or lactose intolerance would not have to give it up. Of course, it could not miss the main theme, i.e. the Mickey Mouse itself, which is hidden in the figure colors, buttons and ears.

In addition to the track, we also served cupcakes with light baked protein instead of milk, which decorated with black dumplings alluded to our Mouse.

The sweet table also includes popcorn and jelly beans for older children. In addition to the sweet table, we also have a snack corner for adults - small finger food sandwiches, sausages and a selection of cheese are perfect for us.



When choosing decorations, I bet on colored gift wrapping paper referring to Mickey Mouse, i.e. red and black with white polka dots. I made a black paper tablecloth for a sweet table, and in red I wrapped an empty cardboard, thanks to which I created a pedestal on which I displayed a birthday cake. Above the sweet table, the final decorations were levitating, huge red helium balloons. Add popcorn in colorful boxes, red straws in glasses, saucers and napkins with Mickey Mouse and the decoration of the sweet table is ready.



This year we decided on separation of two zones - for children and adults. We seated the children at a separate table, not far from ours, to keep an eye on them, but also ensuring free conversation for each age group.

The basis of the children's table decorations were paper vessels and a balloon with the 2 number, a nice touch reminding everyone of the occasion we are meeting.

There were also mouse gadgets waiting for each of the guests - Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse ears.

Accessories for funny photos were also very good - for big and small, although probably the big ones had more fun with them.

And this is the most important Hero of a birthday party:

Happy birthday son!
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  • Happy

    A great idea for a themed birthday party. Mickey Mouse is a very positive character and makes most children smile.

  • full_time_mommy

    Mother, what a wonderful party! Thanks for the inspiration! I love this blog 🙂 ps. Where is the beautiful shirt on you from?

    • 08.05.2017

      Thank you very much 🙂 and the shirt is from NIFE 🙂

  • 02.03.2017

    Beautiful cake and all the decorations. It just so happens that our little family just celebrated the second birthday of a small person 🙂 Beautiful pictures.

  • 27.02.2017

    A party organized in a very creative way, without time to get bored 🙂