Very feminine work corners - home officce

woman's corner to work home office office

I am very positively influenced by places to work in an idyllic, romantic, artistic atmosphere, I have prepared a few of my favorites for you today, maybe they will inspire you to rearrange your smaller work or home office, or an ordinary place where you spend time at the computer.

A typical home officce, in which you can welcome customers, and sitting at your desk you will keep eye contact with them:



Desks by the wall - your only intimate place:






And some ideas for very small areas:






It would be ideal to have comfortable armchairs or couches nearby where you can relax ...











I hope you found something for yourself, have a nice day 🙂


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  • Anonymous

    I took inspiration. WONDERFUL !!!! 🙂 🙂

  • 25.09.2012

    Very nice here, a blog in my style :) And the place to work, wonderful, I dream of developing such a corner in my apartment. I will get inspiration :)

  • 05.09.2012

    Beautiful! Gray walls and a white desk, the dressing table is 😉

  • 02.08.2012

    I like such romantic atmosphere. I like the styling by the walls the most. The only thing missing are the desks by the window 🙂 I am just hesitating whether to put the table I am renovating by the window or by the wall ...

  • 01.08.2012

    Great inspirations !! It would be nice to take some things home:) Have a nice day