Ways to put your baby to sleep - 5 Dad's ways

ways to sleep

Today, post with a male eye, therefore it will be brief and concise 🙂

And there will be no way to sleep for a parent, because here you will definitely agree with me that there is one proven way: go to sleep!

But it was supposed to be meaningful, therefore!

In our family, most of the evening rituals, such as bathing and falling asleep, are usually done by me (DAD, ed.), So I managed to work out a few ways that make it easier for our Child to fall asleep, and for parents to extend their free time in the evening.

1. Bedtime

This is probably not compatible with most read parenting publications, but we don't have a rigid bedtime. Generally, it is the range between 18 and 21 hours, which we regulate by observing the child's behavior and how the whole day has passed. If it was intense and there was no afternoon nap, it would probably be 18-19. If the afternoon sleep started late (e.g. at 16), then we go to bed more aiming at 19-20.
Now the most important thing - observations: there is nothing sophisticated here, but we try to start the bath when we see the baby's first symptoms of being asleep: rubbing the eyes and a whim. We don't wait any longer, because “maybe he'll sleep longer in the morning”. It doesn't work for us. Usually, such a procedure ended with the sleep time passing, and the next one… comes in 2 hours?

2. Massage

This method was intuitive for me, only later I read that there is a "method" of calming Malec as pressure massage (eg with a large ball). Here, too, I do not use anything special, such as "Shantala massage", but the usual instinctive touch, pressing the legs piece by piece, stronger smeranie (from thigh to feet), but very slow… sometimes stroking the head (also very slow!). It calms down Santa very quickly, his eyes stick right away ... the masseur's eyes too, so it takes a maximum of 2 minutes, I say goodbye and leave (not that he sleeps after those two minutes), but he calms down a lot. The second round of massage is when I hear crying after I leave. I always come back.

3. Bath

Mikołaj likes to take a bath. We used to bath in full bathroom light, but for some time I've been testing a new method. Namely, it's about swimming in much less light. Dimmers for lighting or a separate light source such as an LED lamp will work well. After such a ritual (although also in full party with toys, a brush and paste) on the changing table the number of yawns doubles and falling asleep lasts much less.

4. Cloth

Unfortunately, this well-known YouTube theme did not work, as the parent washed the child with a diaper on the face 5 times and fell asleep at the 6th time. The diaper under the chin was an insurance against flooding the sleepers, but after eating, Santa always cuddled up to her. It stayed that way and after eating, the crumpled diaper is an inseparable element of falling asleep.

5. Position

At the beginning, we tried hard to put the Child in a position that seemed to be correct (head on a platform, wedge-shaped, covered kidneys ... Since Santa is able to spin efficiently in the crib, we have noticed that he prefers to sleep open and crosswise, so listening to our mothers' advice, "There is definitely a water vein under the crib and it arranges itself so as to avoid it!" I said: WOW! brilliant! A little rearrangement and we moved the cot across - in the end, what you won't do for the baby to avoid the water vein;). The effect was that Santa was sleeping anyway… across!
A moment later, Mikołaj learned how to sit up, so he sat down despite the fact that he fell sideways, he was so sleepy, he even stood on his head and made other poses. We quickly noticed that such a "whirring" does not last long and after a few minutes Mikołaj finally found his favorite and most comfortable pose (eg across the bed, on the quilt on his back with his head down). When he falls asleep, we move him to the right place and he sleeps all night. We never woke up while turning, so we estimate the risk of this operation as minimal. (We never do it during the daytime nap, then the risk of waking up is enormous).

Although I know that there is no one recipe for every Toddler, I also know that it is worth trying different methods and developing your own action plan. And what are your ways to put the baby to sleep?


In order not to sound groundless, I finish this post at 20:07, and it was like this:

18: 50 bath

19: 00 getting dressed for sleeping

19:05 eating

19: 10 mini massage

19:15 started writing a post ...

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  • Julia

    I recommend the carrier, e.g. Luna Dream, works wonders, really. My son falls asleep quickly because he likes wearing

  • ja

    We have a bath between 1930 and 20, usually it ends after about 20 - 30 minutes with wearing pajamas. Then there is a moment of fun, groats at dad's lap (mum is feeding) and with the obligatory fairy tale. Drinking water, washing the teeth, and in a moment the child pulls his father by the hand to drive him around the apartment in a stroller until he goes to sleep. Then a million wake-up calls and carriages during the night and this is almost always the case 🙁 It has been going on for over 2 years and still the little one cannot fall asleep in his crib and often wakes up at night. I am comforted by the fact that adults do not need to be transported in a pram 😉 Regards!

  • 06.11.2015

    We tried all possible ways to learn how to fall asleep on my own, which I found on the Internet, books, magazines. Unfortunately to no avail. Amelushka is almost 14 months and still falls asleep on my hands. I fought it a lot for a long time, but now I have come to terms and changed my approach. Sooner or later she will fall asleep alone anyway, and for now I am glad that I can cuddle to her (that's my explanation ;-)). Only it is difficult for me to still come to terms with the night motives ;-(

  • 24.09.2015

    I have to try this bath in low light, I don't know why I haven't figured it out yet 🙂
    And today I put Piotr in the sleeping bag for the first time, because the nights are colder, we'll see how it works 🙂

    • 25.09.2015

      Let me know how it went 🙂

  • Monia

    Welcome 😉 With us, we make sure that the annulka is bathed, dressed and put in our bed until 20:30 max. Then I sing her lullabies to let her know that I am, that she is safe;). But if, like yesterday, we stayed a bit longer ... And Niuni just wanted to laugh and fell asleep a little later. The rocker went in these, where he also falls asleep well, but rather practices it during the day. When it comes to a diaper, it must be a must, then the nose is warm and it also helps you fall asleep faster;). Oh, and one more thing, legs can not be covered with anything (for that, after dad hi hi, he also sleeps only with his tummy covered) ... well then he will not fall asleep, so I only cover my tummy with the blanket;) and then I get up at night and cover her ;) spiworek and we failed the exam;). Regards, I love this blog. Being a young, inexperienced mother, but trying all the time to make my baby feel safe. It's good to seek advice from such a place;)

  • cosmomama

    I stopped fighting from digging up. I put on a warmer pajamas and now 🙂 but you may need to try a sleeping bag, let me know if it works 🙂

    • 23.09.2015

      Today I put on a 12-19 month old sleeping bag, which has been accepted very well, because you can kick your legs as you want and eat milk with your legs up at right angles 😉 the only thing I am afraid of is getting up in this sleeping bag, whether my legs will get tangled and teeth will not knock out - pee pee!

    • 23.09.2015

      our little one in the land is also sleeping in a sleeping bag. I was so huge, so she'll be good at it too 😀

  • Milena Machocka

    I heard that sleeping bags are spinning around and discovering little sleepyheads work very well, have you tried?

    • 23.09.2015

      We tried until he was hanging around did not bother him, now he screams in him 😉
      I thought that maybe it is already close (it is "butt joint"), so I recently bought a much larger, thin sleeping bag for a trial, so that it would not restrict his movements, I had already washed it so we will see and let you know how it went.

    • Milena Machocka

      I'm waiting 🙂