#6 Wedding Consultant's Office

Preparing for Christmas is also a time of cleaning up my heart, at home, but also in the office - in the place where I spend most of my active day, so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to show it to you. 

The most important place for me is of course my desk and it is the most expensive piece of furniture in this room, I was very anxious for something special and I was looking for a lot of time. Today, I have them for almost a year and I still like it so much. It's white, in my favorite color, which is also an ideal background for photos.




With the desk, I opted for a rather bold wallpaper - white with black spots. I admit that I was a bit afraid of the end result, today I know that it is unnecessary - it suits me 100%. It is a nice background for photos, and if I ever decide to communicate with you through videos, I think it can also be interesting.



In the office, I have also created a small conference corner, perfect for meetings with clients, contractors or colleagues, as well as courses for a wedding consultant in small groups. Many important decisions were made with it, we ate many delicious dishes here, we tasted many delicious wines and probably a ton of sweetness 🙂



In a place where I spend so much time, there could be a comfortable corner, which is conducive to gathering thoughts, resting or getting acquainted with the literature and the wedding press.



A very important place in the office is also occupied by a bookcase, where I present all delicacies at tastings, various miracles at meetings with clients, where I store my most important books and documents. There is also a camera here, which my parents photographed us in our youth, and from which my adventure with photos began.




Preparing the office for photos was a perfect occasion to open the first Christmas gift ...


Which allowed me to prepare curtains for photos - this is the Steamaster, a steam iron for vertical ironing. You can find them in almost every clothing store, they are perfect for ironing large vertical surfaces, dresses, sweaters (no more creases, flattened fibers and stiff sweaters), and most importantly in my work - for ironing tablecloths at weddings. It can handle any wedding dress without exposing it to any damage, it perfectly irons cocktail dresses, loves muslin dresses, satin, silks and even persistent taffeta.



At home, I love to use it to iron pillows on the couch - it cannot be denied that after one movie night on the couch they do not look very good, and I do not always want to remove the pillowcases, take out the ironing board and iron the crumpled pillowcases, then eat them again put on and so on ... See how he coped with an absolutely crumpled pillow in my office.




I love my work as a Wedding Consultant for allowing me to develop and fulfill my dreams - such as my own, female office. What's your dream job?

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