When is the best time to say about pregnancy?

positive pregnancy test when it's best to say about pregnancy
Immediately after taking a pregnancy test? Only when I kill my heart? After the end of the third month or maybe just as others will notice?


Since yesterday, I have come across posts that encourage me to reflect on more and more reflections, especially on a very painful topic for me. The first was Żelikowska and her very brave, personal and wise essays "Are you afraid to have a child? Me too!" and "Pregnancy update - definitely personal entry". Today, however, in a completely different tone, less private, but also significantly Alina and her "The border of privacy - where is yours?", To which question I answer from 33 days each, one day.


A few months ago in my series "Happy 7" I shared with you a photo of my pregnancy test with the magic two lines. Later I started writing a series of posts about pregnancy. The series ended much too early, after three months. Together with my pregnancy.


Real life


I have wondered many times if I did the right thing. Did I do the right thing by sharing the happy news not only with my husband and immediate family, but also with my friends and colleagues.


A month has passed, and I already know - if I could turn back time, I wouldn't change anything.


Pregnancy, carrying two children under my heart - it was undoubtedly difficult, but one of the most beautiful periods of my life. Experiencing this joy with my family, friends, acquaintances, clients and co-workers gave me wings. Maybe I felt internally that those who rejoiced with me when I was expecting a Baby would cry with me when anything went wrong. I was not wrong. I could count on their empathy and understanding. I also received a lot of support from my immediate family in making difficult decisions. I can't imagine going through all this without them. I can't imagine they wouldn't know about what I'm going through.




Initially, it was another place where I could share my happiness, give advice or talk about my first maternal experiences. A very precious place. It is thanks to this blog that I also met other mothers at a similar or completely different stage of pregnancy as me. All this was and still is extremely valuable to me.

After the tragedy that struck me, several times it crossed my mind whether to delete pregnancy posts or pretend that they never existed. But it was. I became a mother and I will always be mother. I became a mother, I had the happiest time in my life. I have two boys. It is something to be proud of for me. Not to be "deleted".


In my opinion


If, when and to whom we tell about our pregnancy, what we fear most will not happen to us. And the fact that no one knew about our pregnancy would not make the disappointment and pain less - or maybe the opposite. However, I am sure that the support of the people closest to us, but also of our neighbors, clients or colleagues, can help soothe our pain a little.


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