Where am I when I'm not here?

organization of weddings and wedding receptions

Saturday, 01:10 a.m. Departure to my dad in the countryside. I'm charging the batteries - and I don't mean the ones in the laptop on my lap.

In my profession, the highest season lasts from mid-May to mid-September and it will be similar this year. It is a time when, despite the best treatments from child planning, the list of additional things to do at the last minute seems endless.

Of course, everything always ends well, but during this time of hard work, my social and family contacts, and - which is crucial for this post - my interests - can suffer quite a lot.

But it's not that I put the blog aside completely - in such short moments, which I do not devote to work, home and family, I take notes, collect photos, plan what I will write about as soon as the season ends - and maybe a little bit. earlier?

Anyway, I must admit that I miss a blog a lot - writing, reading your comments, receiving e-mails. I neglected you in a very important moment for me - when so many of you liked my little place on the web, but I hope that when I come back here for good, I will meet you again.

Here is a small collage of quick pictures from your phone illustrating my work over the past few weeks:

In the meantime, I also managed to do some nice things, meet a lot of interesting people, find interesting blogs, and prepare a little off-top. And about all of this soon.

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  • 11.12.2013

    haha and I also started blogging after the season and I don't have time for anything when the wedding season is in full swing :)

  • 11.12.2013

    yhm I read and read and wonder if my friend accidentally works in the wedding industry like me:) hehe :)

  • 29.07.2013

    oh, I know that summer is the wedding season, so I will wait this time of your absence enjoying the first wedding anniversary, which will hit 4. August 🙂

  • 28.07.2013

    I am also looking forward to seeing you recently, zag

  • 28.07.2013

    You will meet me for sure 😉 Although I joined recently!

  • 28.07.2013

    we are waiting for your return 🙂

  • 28.07.2013

    Hey love, I also recently had a break of over two weeks, for vacation and health reasons. But I'm here, I act (because the season goes on and every shutdown results in a thousand missed and unsigned emails)
    I come back slowly and catch up :)) Dear, charge the batteries and gain new energy :))