White coffee table - my way to transform the living room

white coffee table metamorphosis-living room

White coffee table - now I know that I missed this piece of furniture in our living room! How did we change our interior with a small change of furniture and one more piece of furniture?


After the flooding that happened to us in spring 2018, we separated our living room for the dining room, TV corner and play corner. The whole idea worked great, but there were still two topics that were missing in our interior.


For a long time I dreamed of a white coffee table, which I can put aside newspapers, books or children's favorite puzzles, but in the current layout there was no room for it. This also meant the second inconvenience that there was also no place for dancing and having fun - our little play corner was far too small for our energy, especially during the quarantine period. Also for a long time I wanted to take the TV out of the living room and I thought it would be fun and convenient to introduce all these changes at the same time.


What changes did we finally make?


White coffee table


I think we only missed this piece of furniture!


white coffee table to buy

white coffee table for the living room


We decided on white coffee table with shelfto arrange everything needed to keep it on hand and on top. When I find myself not having time to read a book either Magazine for Mam Mint, which I subscribe to and they wait for a moment of my free time, I bring them and put them on the table. Sometimes I can find 5 minutes, sometimes 10 minutes, but thanks to the fact that they are always at hand - I read ...


today in my beloved dress Emelina my beloved Polish brand Marie Zelie - which is made of viscose, does not wrinkle at all and is simply made for sitting at home during quarantine as well as for warm, spring walks - life seems to be more beautiful than in a tracksuit, and the level of comfort is even higher.


white coffee table where to buyMint magazine for mothers

newspaper stand

which coffee table should I choose white?


If you, like me, also dream of a beautiful white coffee table, you have the opportunity to buy it on Beliani.pl not only at a great price, but also with my discount code.

The code is: agnieszka.kudela - thanks to it you get -10% on the entire range. The code is valid until May 10.



This is probably a decision that has matured for the longest in us - for years we have not had a TV at home, only an extra TV, which allowed us to watch movies and programs on applications such as Netflix, HBO or Player in an on-demand form, but the TV in the living room was tempting kids too often and it seemed like just another toy.
However, we decided that this solution would do us all well. Our we took the television to the conference room in our office. However, due to the fact that our children can not yet use devices such as telephone, tablet or computer, on the floor we hung a small TV hidden in the bedroom behind the curtain, where we watch cartoons or family films in the form of weekend cinema. And our salon has gained a new look.
white coffee table to choose


How do we feel without a TV in the living room? Free 🙂 By resigning from the TV in the living room, our children's heads just got more space, and the children themselves do not come up with the idea in the middle of the day: "Mom, Dad, maybe a fairy tale?"


The most surprised by our decision was my mother, who called me when we took the TV to the office, and I heard on the handset: "But Agnieszka, there really won't be a TV in the living room? But how? It's so strange… ”- And that's it 😉 In case my or Wojtek's mother comes to visit us and wants to watch her favorite series, she can use this TV in our bedroom - but I think they also lost such a need when we are together. And boys are not tempted to watch fairy tales during the day.



Sofa rotation

The couch does not have to face the TV anymore, since it is not there. So to get more space, we turned the couch with its long side towards the window - like this we've made a lot of space for fun and dancing - finally we have nowhere to go crazy and dance!


living room metamorphosis



Open space towards the dining area

Opening the space towards the table gave us a huge plus - now the guests sitting on the couch do not have their backs to the guests at the table, nor to the people cooking on the kitchen island.


separate zones in the living room

blue home decorations

white table for the living room


She landed on the dining room table board with nuts in a jar ... such a creative idea instead of flowers during quarantine.


white dining table


… Which, however, disappear quickly and imperceptibly 😉


coffee table white arrangement

parenting blog Agnieszka Kudela

coffee table white idea


And how do you like our open salon?


white coffee table


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    I love this style, simplicity and wood. The chairs are brilliant! I was looking for similar recently and I plan to order the ones in the Edinos.pl store, online for the first time. So far, I was a bit afraid of such purchases, because I like to touch something, feel it, look carefully before I decide. What convinced me, however, is that several friends have already ordered furniture there and are satisfied with the quality, delivery and delivery time, and above all, the price. Forgive me for advertising a specific store, but taking into account the current situation, I believe that support for this type of company is a drop in the ocean!

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    A great metamorphosis

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    Hello, I would like to ask about the curtains. Where were they purchased? Beautiful and cozy.

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    Beautiful photos.

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    Beautiful photos.