White pants - the perfect base for spring and summer

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The weather in Rome for the first week of our monthly stay completely spoiled us. After 9 days of weather like a dream, we were forced to take out warmer clothes, perfect for Polish spring weather.


I "made" the first white pants in elementary school. I've always been at odds with reading instructions and labels, and that time I didn't think that by bleaching navy blue jeans in ACE myself, I should have diluted this product with water, so I dipped my pants in 3 bottles of bleach and - I don't know what's worse - I left them there for hours.


To this day, I remember that feeling when I put on white jeans and went for a walk in Gdańsk. Unfortunately, as you can guess, their life span was very short - literally until the first wash, when I took them out of the washing machine in many elements. They just fell to pieces.


I have been waiting for the second white pants for almost 20 years and I do not know why today. Before leaving for Rome, I ran into a shopping center and I was sure that I would buy them in a better store, but to my surprise, although they were in each of the first five, they were each so thin that even their own labels or flesh-colored underwear could shine through.


In the end, I managed to find the almost perfect ones - I would prefer them to have smaller pockets, but they are thick, fleshy and flexible. They are wonderful base, ideal for spring and summer stylizationswhich wonderfully complements mine spring capsule wardrobe. Especially in combination with envelope blouses, in which, next to shirts, the most convenient is breastfeeding.


Compiled with silver sandals i openwork jewelry they give me the impression that full summer is just around the corner.



Individual elements of the outfit of the day:

Pants: Jeans Skinny in White - ZARA Premium Denim Collection
Shoes: Zign - Zalando
Piercings: Peacocks - Lilou
Bracelet: silver wings - Lilou
Watch: Classic Petite by Daniel Wellington
Bag: Sloan - Michael Kors


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  • 07.11.2018

    white underpants add such a girlish character to stylizations. I love to wear white, loose in the summer 🙂

  • 06.09.2018

    Nice pants, but too much bleach makes them turn yellow 🙂

  • 10.06.2018

    I completely forgot that pants can be in this color. In my closet I have black, navy blue, blue, gray and red and somehow I stopped focusing on it. I buy shirts more and dress those pants that suit me. And yet white pants are so wonderful!
    I used to be made of linen and they were not quite nice, it was also airy and wonderful for the heat!

  • 07.05.2018

    You look beautiful in them, you just reminded me of my white pants 🙂

    • 07.05.2018

      thank you - it's high time to start wearing them 🙂

  • 07.05.2018

    You look magical! This set is beautiful. 🙂
    White pants are extra, too bad they get dirty so quickly. I bought the gray ones myself and I have to wash them after each exit.

    • 07.05.2018

      The truth is true - I wash my clothes every 1-2 times, but with the Children I wash almost every pants, especially on vacation - here ice cream, here shoes, here a swing and one washing machine a day, which I would not do

    • 07.05.2018

      The playground is probably the only thing that works is waterproof fishing pants 😀
      Just rinse with a garden hose and voila wejście before entering the house
      I don't know how our great-grandmothers raised children without washing machines, it had to be very heavy.