Evening relaxation

Today I have for you a list of recordings that are perfect for evening relaxation. I do it always after the evening prayer, before bedtime.


I ventilate the room during the shower or bath - in spring or winter I open the balcony door wide.


I go to sleep, put on a cotton band over my eyes and turn on one of the recordings, or - today I also conduct such relaxation myself, thanks to which they are ideally suited to my needs in length and subject matter. Before I learned it, however, I used recordings - today I still like to reach for them to be inspired and just when I want someone to guide me.


It's late time, so I assume we don't have to hurry anymore.


So I suggest you one of the recordings that will relax your soul and body and thanks to that your sleep will be deeper and allow you to rest better.


Evening Sleep Meditation ♥

Meditation on stress - Peace and gratitude

Jacobson's relaxation training


I hug you and keep my fingers crossed for you: *

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