Spring cleaning and the culmination of the work

I think I rested on vacation, or maybe it's spring? In any case, I find amazing energy, not only for work that I never lack, but for everyday tasks and duties.

Spring cleaning is over, the challenge "one room every day" has been crowned with a new arrangement of my home office (I presented the previous arrangement to you here), the new face of which I am writing ...

And at the end of spring cleaning, I put a dot over i - fresh flowers on the table:

Tomorrow morning, in full sun, I will have a cup of coffee with them while reading a book - and to think that a month ago I had problems with getting up early?

I wish you a beautiful long weekend, remember mine candy.

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  • 12.05.2013

    you live beautifully!


  • 08.05.2013

    I can tell my husband a wonderful inscription to make such a cut out of wood ... and the lounge is great, oh, when I will have it so clean all day and this is what I have in the morning, I will clean it, then as in the evening, however, the children can make a mess in five minutes ehheeh greetings nice and warm

  • 07.05.2013

    These Ikea casings are great, I have to order at allegro, because I don't have to get to Ikea on the way. I've never even been to this store before in my life 🙁

  • 04.05.2013

    in such a place you can relax ... such optical order, harmony ..

    I will observe you:> and be here more often.

    and by the way, I invite you to hand me 🙂


  • 03.05.2013

    I like it very much, I like this atmosphere 🙂

  • 01.05.2013

    Beautiful effects of spring cleaning! Really cute!

  • 30.04.2013

    how nice and bright you are, and I like this balcony door very much 🙂

  • 29.04.2013

    oh, how lovely 🙂

  • 29.04.2013

    Beautiful, so brightly - I am already in the queue for sweets 😀

  • 28.04.2013

    Of course I remember about your candies :-) I'm already standing in the queue :-) How nice for you in this new face, after spring cleaning. Not that it wasn't there before :-) I envy you these big doors from earth to heaven to the balcony. Ah ... And somehow it is spring with you :-) I greet you in the evening, oh, probably rather at night. And what kind of book are you going to read here?