May 2013 Wish List

wish list

I really like the "wish lists", mainly because it seems to me that they allow me to find a moment to think about what we really want.
Preparation of my first, May (because I want to create them in monthly intervals) wish list was not so easy!

1. The latest, compact version of my favorite filter foundation Even Better by CLINIQUE, in a beautiful, silver package with a sponge and a large mirror, thanks to which you can improve your make-up outside of your home, available in Sephora

2. Felt phone case, available for purchase on Allegro
3. Sweet platter od Home & You - perfect for my women's office
4. flat, blue shoes from shop ZARA - after breaking my leg, I won't wear high heels for a long time, mainly in my wardrobe
5. A huge quilt for summer in size 220x200cm - available for purchase on Allegro
6. And to the set funny bedding with quotes about love of sleep and cupcakes, also from Home & You , a small variety in my bedroom, in which embroidered bed sheets or those with frills and lace prevail.

And what purchases do you dream of in May?

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  • 08.05.2013

    great list, I would add a few more daffodils greetings warmly

  • 07.05.2013

    Very interesting wish list :))
    and I do not e-mail this foundation yet the opportunity to try it ... :)))
    And I think it's time to make such a list - it's a great idea :)

  • Singing Cream

    This platter is wonderful! And from my May purchases, I could probably use new pumps for the upcoming wedding season.

  • 05.05.2013

    I do not plan any major purchases, but I dream of the perfect face cream 🙂 the best matting 😀 and from such less cosmetic things… probably a nice t-shirt.
    Regards, A

  • 05.05.2013

    I liked numbers 3 and 6 the most, and that's Home & You, hooray! I have it nearby, I will definitely go 🙂

  • 04.05.2013

    you've created a really great place here. I wish I had come here before! 🙂

  • 01.05.2013

    Wilgachna quilt is what I will need in a while! These ballerinas are wonderful! Let your leg recover quickly!
    My wishlist called Widzimisie tomorrow on the blog 🙂

  • 30.04.2013

    what wonderful bedding !! Purchase of a few books are my types 🙂

  • 29.04.2013

    in the near future plans to buy ballerinas and messenger bags 🙂

  • 29.04.2013

    A very nice idea, then you can sit down and summarize the small successes when we were able to review some outstanding topics.


  • 29.04.2013

    I would like a new Converse. 😀

  • 29.04.2013

    I don't plan such lists 🙂 I try to explain to myself that I DON'T NEED THIS (SOMETHING) than I have to have 😉