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July 26 has always been a special day in our family. Birthday of Beloved Grandma, Name day of my best friend - my Sister, and this year this date has been joined by another occasion to celebrate - meet our youngest son, Maksymilian. 


26 July 2017 year
at 22: 45 our youngest son, Maksymilian, was born.

He weighed 2860 grams, measured 49 centimeters and scored 10 / 10 points on the Apgar scale.


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Maks, our absolute, perfect and perfect happiness. We are infinitely grateful that for the second time we managed to successfully carry such a difficult pregnancy that this Little Great Man has just chosen us as his family, and God has given us the greatest gift, which is New Life.


I remember the day on which Santa was born and this incredibly enormous, infinite feeling that filled me then. I remember telling my sister that I could not imagine loving more. I remember being scared if I would feel the same with my second child.


It was exactly the same.


Everything came back when the midwife showed me Maks for the first time, and I could send a rain of kisses to him.


These first seconds, minutes, days and weeks with the Newborn are so magical. Everything is so first, the most ordinary things take on a new meaning, nothing is as it was before. Our family has grown, we have created a new life, something huge as if from nothing. I try to absorb every minute so that none escapes me. Fatigue seems to be less than it should be, and some internal strength gives me strength.


Of course, there are also more difficult moments, there is pain, uncertainty, a storm of hormones and anxiety about whether we will prove ourselves as parents. At such moments I immerse myself in my thoughts and practice gratitude - I list all the things that make me happy and I thank God for them. From the big ones, through the ordinary ones, to the very tiny ones. There is no way that it will not help. Gratitude wins everything.


We would also like to thank you with all our heart our attending physician Piotr Zabul, who accompanied us from the time of our efforts throughout the pregnancy to the moment of birth, which always had as much time for us as needed, did not leave any question unanswered, which gave us faith and hope at every stage of our pregnancy, and most importantly, he always made accurate diagnoses and chose the best treatment thanks to which we can enjoy our lives today four.


A huge thank you also to everyone the birthing and maternity ward of the Hospital in Gdańsk Zaspawho surrounded us with the best care and care, so that we could come to full strength in the most favorable conditions. Everyone was extremely helpful, and a special thanks goes to the midwife Joanna Świacko-Świackiewiczthat made me stop being so afraid of being in hospital and going to the midwife Alicja Cieślińskawho literally put me to my feet after giving birth. You can meet Asia at the delivery stage, and Alice at the maternity ward and you must greet them from me. I regret that I could not remember and mention more names because they really deserved it. They work hard despite the fact that although this hospital has the third degree of reference and not only the correct pregnancies from all over the Tri-City go there, the most severe cases from the whole province are transported there, and there are only five delivery rooms and only one room in the hospital for cuts. Let's be understanding for them, because they go out of their way, servicing a crowded reception room and full rooms, they do a really nice and very responsible job.

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  • KING

    Congratulations on enlarging your family 😉
    Maksie are great 😉 my Maksio is already 1,5 of the year 😉

  • Justine

    Congratulations! Did the hospital kit work? I also intend to give birth in Zaspa in Gdańsk and if something is missing in the hospital or will it be unnecessary? Thanks in advance for your help :)

    • 09.08.2017

      It worked very well. Fortunately, I took this breast pump, because the hospital one was broken and I even borrowed my engine from a friend from the bed next to me. I did not use all disposable diapers, but I left already on the third day. These big earhooks and diapers were perfect for both baby and me. Well, I think I used every thing 🙂

  • 09.08.2017

    What beautiful photos! Congratulations that everything worked out 🙂 little boy, my Polish girl was 58cm and 3770g! As a result, we unfortunately had complications and we ended up cc, but it was nothing compared to the happiness that he is already with us ...
    Regards 🙂

  • 06.08.2017

    Awesome! Well done you 🙂

  • 06.08.2017

    Maksymilian is beautiful, congratulations <3

  • 05.08.2017

    It's wonderful that Maks is already with you. But tears came to me with joy. Kisses for your 4.