What is worth doing without in winter? Down coat

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Down coat - in my opinion, an absolute must-have every winter. Regardless of whether you go to work on a daily basis, take care of your child at university or combine these roles.

A down coat gives you warmth, and you can really look good in it, provided that you fit it together. Here are my tips for choosing a down coat:


The coat should be skirt length or longer. A knee-length skirt and half-thigh coat will never look good. Therefore, before you go looking for the perfect coat, think about what length of skirts or dresses you wear most often and choose a coat that they will not stick out from under.


If you have an hourglass figure and a size smaller than 40, you can successfully opt for a coat with a belt at the waist, but if you wear a larger size, it is worth choosing a fitted coat without a belt so as not to cut your figure unnecessarily. Ideally, the coat will have, for example, a trim or a zipper in a contrasting color - such vertical lines will make you look slimmer. If your figure is a pear, you can choose a model with additional inserts or zippers above the waist, a double-breasted clasp will also work well.

Although the hood is not an ideal solution for everyone and it does not suit my figure, I personally would not buy a coat without it, because then it would not fulfill its basic function - it would not be able to warm a frostbite like me.

If your figure is an inverted triangle, look for a jacket with a basque to balance the wider upper half.


If the coat is going to last you for years, when choosing colors, I suggest choosing the timeless "camel" color or classic black. Gray or navy blue won't be a bad choice either. However, I would avoid strong colors or those fashionable in a given season - purple or mint can quickly get boring for you and will not suit all occasions.


If this is to be a really warm coat, I would choose to be filled with down or feathers or mixed. 2 seasons ago I bought a down jacket with artificial filling and it was neither warm nor able to withstand the good seasons of 2.

My choice

I needed a jacket for both work and winter walks with the child.

Due to the fact that when I am 162 cm tall I am still wearing a size 40, and only sometimes I will squeeze into 38 (and this is not the same effect as when I am 172 or 176), I decided to use a camel down coat above the knee, fitted, but without belt - from the inside, at the waist height, it has hidden straps that allow you to adjust the tightening - thanks to which my waist is emphasized and the silhouette is not cut. A zipper in a different color and a trim around it create vertical lines that additionally make me slimmer.

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And without what you can't imagine winter?

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  • Vintageposteria.pl

    Great article!

  • 03.12.2020

    We cannot do without a warm, down jacket or coat in the winter season. It is good to wear high-quality outerwear, which will include, for example, wool. Then it will surely keep us warm on cold days, but it will also not be destroyed after a few seasons.

  • cosmomama

    Oh yes, down coat is a must. And I remember the time when I wore jackets so short that the whole belly was on top: / However, in old age, a little smarter 😉

    • 31.01.2016

      Hahaha me too! Tight pants and a large waist-length down jacket. I also had a winter katana lined with sheepskin, which was also on the collar - the shorter the better 😀

  • 29.01.2016

    You look nice in it

    • 31.01.2016

      Exactly! You can easily change it with a new scarf or hat, but such a coat can be used for years.

  • Ola

    Long time ago you bought this coat? I wanted to buy a good coat, but the shops were empty.