How did I arrange the wedding office? #5

wedding office

My world is spinning so fast that changes are ahead of my plans, fortunately in a positive direction. Wedding Label is at its best, Courses for a Wedding Consultant also (the next one in 3 weeks in Warsaw) and recently we have expanded our activity also by wedding decorations. It cannot be hidden - a slightly larger office is what we need.

I do not stand still, I am not afraid of new challenges, I do not look back, I also give in to what fate brings with it. On this occasion, I wanted to show you my today's Wedding Consultant's office, because I will be staying here soon ...

When designing my office I focused on:

  • a neutral color base - I chose white and gray on the walls, ceiling and floor
  • a bold pattern in basic colors - wallpaper with a Moroccan clover motif - read more about it in this post
  • white furniture with silver accessories
  • I completed the whole with colorful accessories.

And this is how the whole looks.

One of the main furniture is a horizontally arranged bookcase, which is used not only for organizing documents and books, but also as a buffet.

Wedding-Office-Spodkocyka-en-2016-08 (11)

Wedding-Office-Spodkocyka-en-2016-08 (13)


Above the bookcase, I have hung four shelves, on which I have displayed my favorite industry books, which are a beautiful decoration in themselves and complement the wedding character of this place. Golden posters in gold frames are a wonderful complement - I like to combine different colors of metals in interiors, which make them less obvious. I order such posters, as well as in silver and copper here and I have a discount for you on the INSTALOVE password.


I decided on a high-gloss white desk with characteristic X-shaped legs, which in silver color gave the room elegance.

wedding office

On the left side of the desk I put a chest of drawers, which makes it much easier for me to bring order to documents, stationery accessories or advertising materials.

A fantastic complement to the whole is a bar trolley with wheels.


Here I fulfill my clients' dreams, but also mine. It makes me strange to think that in this office I will make room for our ever-growing team, and I will go with all this ... to the other side of the corridor 😉

And how do you like my wedding world? Would you like to work in such a place?

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