The T-shirt with my scribble supports the COMMON DIAGRAM action

notjustshop common denominator pocket from under the blanket Agnieszka

It is with great pleasure that I accepted the invitation to the Common Nominator Campaign, which came to Gdynia last Saturday. I immediately announced that we would drop by the whole family to draw a pocket that would be on the T-shirt and could be bought by ... millions! All of this is done to support children from the Małopolska hospice.

So on Saturday around 15 p.m. we showed up at Gdynia's InfoBox in full squad, i.e. Mikołaj, Wojtek and me. We were immediately scorched by the lovable Łukasz from Wspólny Nominownik, who showed other designs and beautiful prints on fabrics.

notjust shop pocket common denominator of Gdynia Łukasz Agnieszka
notjust shop pocket common denominator of Gdynia

share common denominator print on fabric

We were not even discouraged by the fact that we absolutely cannot draw. It's hard, you have to give something, overcome shame and draw! Out of our three, I was selected to draw out of myself, a sheet of paper and crayons, what… what is possible.

common denominator NOTJUSTSHOP saucer pouch
notjust shop pocket common denominator of Gdynia
notjustshop common denominator pocket from under the blanket Agnieszka

What is a lot to say - others were doing much better than me, see what a miracle Łukasz conjured up!

notjust shop pocket common denominator of Gdynia

The other participants of the Common Nominator Campaign did not lag behind him!

action common denominator drawing pockets

And here is my personal work of art, the heights of my drawing skills!

notjustshop pocket is the common denominator of the saucer
notjustshop common denominator pocket from under the blanket Agnieszka

Yes ... it is with such an original silage that you will be able to order great T-shirts in the store NOTJUSTSHOP - they are of really wonderful quality, there are many models and sizes to choose from, everyone will find something for themselves. And all this to promote yourself in this T-shirt on the city, Facebook and Instagram, while supporting children in need, including those from the Małopolska hospice. Do you know how fun it will be for them to walk around the city with a scribble like mine, and it's all for them?

You can see more about the backstage of the action in the short film invitation I received:

Wiola, Łukasz - you are doing a great job! I am proud that we could come and take part in your project! Thanks again for inviting us and we can't wait to order our t-shirts!

I will inform you as soon as the T-shirts are available for purchase! Would you be willing

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  • 28.06.2015

    You are modest! You like this drawing - ingenious! It is a pity that Mikołaj is still too small because I am curious what he would also paint 🙂

  • 26.06.2015

    Aga ... thank you very much for this post, but the most for the fact that you came to us for the workshops and despite the bad weather you showed up with your whole family :) We were incredibly supersuperior (I think I created a new word) to meet you.

    Pockets have just come to me from above the sea, so now it's time to scan and order them in print.

    By the way, official inquiry - would you mind if we put your design in our store so that everyone can buy a T-shirt with your drawing?

    Greetings from Krakow