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What is motivation for me? Motivation is energy. What? I always say that I imagine motivation as a wave on the ocean. I feel it is coming, but I don't know much about it yet. I don't know how tall or how long it will be. I don't know when the next one will come either. It is only up to me whether I use it or regret that I haven't even tried it once it has sailed away. That's why I always have my surfboard on hand and I'm ready to go.


If I had to give you my best advice, which I also share with mine course participants, future wedding planners, it would be this: always use that precious energy of motivation. As soon as you feel the wave approaching, look around, quickly make a decision on how to use that energy, grab your board and try to catch the wave. You never know where it will lead you. On the other hand, if you gather inside yourself for too long, you risk that the tide will run away, and with it… your dreams.


My several years of business experience shows that I managed to achieve the best things when I was acting on the wave. Much better, even when it turned out that I threw myself into the deep water, than when I meticulously planned and examined everything, but the wave had already set off and I was waiting with the perfect plan for the next wave, which sometimes never came .


This was the case, for example, with a company with wedding printing, which I founded 5 years ago with a partner. Instead of acting, making mistakes and learning from them, we wanted to calculate and plan everything perfectly - and do not get me wrong, a business plan or even a plan is the basis of every action that is to lead you to success, but sometimes it is worth throwing yourself on your board. wave and do something not completely perfect, but do than prepare perfectly and do nothing, because the energy for action has drained.


When the tide is coming and you are still far from your dreams, try to take at least one tiny step that will bring you closer to your goal. It doesn't have to be either mile, costly or serious. Do you love baking cakes, dreaming of your own cafe with delicious pastries, but you just gave birth to a child and you have no funds to start? Do not sit with folded arms, see how many wonderful opportunities you have to start working in your dream direction.


Can't you see any Create a culinary profile on Instagram and take photos of your pastries, post them there along with the recipes. Can't take pictures? You don't have the right equipment? On the internet you will find a lot of free tutorials on taking photos with your phone, as well as great software with filters that will help you display your wonders. Or maybe you will meet other people positively crazy about the same topic and someday you will establish this dream cafe together? And before you get there, will you be baking cakes and home-made cakes for friends, family and their friends?


Therefore, already a week after writing a post about the fact that you have to have the courage to make your dreams come true, I planned a monthly trip abroad with the whole family. I felt my motivation for a serious change in my life, I decided to place my life resources differently, such as time and money, I grabbed my board and jumped on my wave of change.


According to the introduction to our lives work-life balance philosophy I decided with my husband to plan the next few years of our life so that every year I could move to a different corner of the world for a month, not for a typical holiday, but to blend in with the local community and draw from its history, culture and everyday charms - handfuls.


I was inspired by my trip to Paris from 14 years ago, when I had the opportunity live with a French family in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, learn and absorb life from my personal Madame Chic. A trip that changed and shaped me to a great extent as a woman, mother, wife, housewife and a businesswoman or employer.


Paris. When I was choosing the direction for our first trip to 2018, my heart suggested a naturally proven solution - good old Paris. A city in which I know each district, because when I traveled to school from one end of Paris to the other every day, I chose a different route every day, largely walking it, to soak up Paris with all my senses. Paris, despite the tense political situation today, I associate with security, it is like an old friend with whom you feel best. I knew that for us with two Children, Paris would be the easiest solution to implement. While looking for an apartment for us in Paris, I was able to easily assess the class and safety of the district, the distance from the metro station and Parisian attractions, I remembered all those beautiful nooks and crannies and then I came to the conclusion that ... sorry, but it was already there. Paris, which occupies a huge part of my heart, is the perfect location for me today for a long weekend or even a week, but moving there for a month would be a step back for me, and certainly not the fulfillment of my project, exploring and learning what is for me foreign and life science. That's why we decided to rent an apartment ...



...in Rome. In the eternal city, also called the capital of the world, Christianity and fashion.


I am going there with my whole family: with Wojtek and with the children. The boys will then be - Mikołaj 3,5 years old, and Maks nine months old. In addition, we will take our work with us, we appreciate the fact that at this stage we leave people in our company who will cope with our absence, but we want to offer both them and our clients the opportunity to contact us and support in more difficult situations.


What are we going to do? Live. We will vacation and work in shifts.


We divided our trip into 4 parts: 1st week - vacation, 2nd week - work, 3rd week - vacation, 4th week - work.

Of course, the work will be limited, because we will look after the children in turns. It will be an amazing logistic undertaking and a big challenge for us as entrepreneurs and parents, as well as spouses, but we like challenges and we will gladly take them.


When? Due to the subtropical climate in Rome, with a Mediterranean character, I decided to go in the second half of April, to stay until the second half of May, when the average temperature is around 20-24'C. Perfect for everyday life with two children.


Where? dwell right in the center of Rome600 meters from Rome's most famous market in Place Campo de 'Fiori, where Romans have been shopping for over 150 years! A place full of stands with ripe fruit, vegetables or fish, as well as cereals, flowers or ready-made salads, above a real Italian cafe, next to a bio pizzeria, on the third floor of a charming Italian tenement house, located on a narrow, atmospheric street. 500 m from Piazza Navona, 15 minutes on foot from the Vatican, 20 minutes on foot from the Spanish Steps and Rome's most beautiful Trevi Fountain, which is still supplied with water via an aqueduct built in 19 BC.


Logistics? We wanted to go to Rome by car, we finally decided on plane. In the next posts I will want to invite you to our preparations, I will show you how to embrace such a family journey by plane, show what can be taken for children on a plane in various airlines, how to organize airport transfers for an 4 family with luggage, I will tell You, what mistakes I made when booking tickets, what to look for when choosing insurance, and which is not worth using, as well as how to rent an apartment so far. I will show you how I organize myself with cooking, work and taking care of children in a foreign country and city, I will tell you about passports and ID cards for children and how to prepare for traveling and sightseeing with two such small children.


It's been happening with us for a month, and if you follow me on Instargamie, you know that less than a month ago, we were unlucky and in large part flooded our home. Our plans and preparations have been completely thwarted, the more each day shows me what a serious undertaking this trip is. However, I am more excited than scared, every free moment I read guidebooks of Rome and I already make friends with Poles living there, and while driving a car, I learn Italian.


If you have any advice or questions for us here, I invite you to talk in the comments. Have you been to Rome yet? Or maybe in another part of Italy? What should we see?




PS If you want to be up to date with me, you'll always find the latest information on Instagram i Facebook.

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