Ecological school layette and a study corner for preschoolers

School layette - two words that, despite the full summer holidays, circulate in the minds of parents of all schoolchildren. How to make a school starter kit so as not to burden the home budget, the child was satisfied, and the whole process of completing was another valuable ecolection?



Has become! Our little son Mikołaj is not so little anymore. So for the first time we have to face the task of ...


School layette 2020


How to organize it and not go crazy? I remember very well that the school starter kit was always a great joy for me and a big financial burden for my mother. She dealt with it perfectly, completing the layette already in June, buying a few necessary things every month so as not to overburden the household budget at once.



Now, when I was about to make the first school layette for Mikołaj, who is going to kindergarten this year, I collected a few points that should be followed when organizing a study corner for a child and completing the school layette.


The first desk

It's a desk from our home office - since we walk to the office, we have kept the work from home to a minimum and we simply don't need it. At first we thought its downside is that it is double desk and we were already choosing new ones, but nothing could be more wrong. Mikołaj's younger brother - Maksio - a proud three-year-old who imitates his brother at every step, is bursting with pride and is in office hand in hand. Such a double desk it also takes up much less space than two desks next to you, so if you have two children in one small room, it will be a bull's eye.


In addition, we tried out chairs from our dining room - they are the same Kidsmill multifunctional chairs, which Maksio has had since birth, because they grow with the child.



Why didn't we choose a standard office chair with castors?

A baby chair should provide support for three points:


buttocks (sit with your entire buttocks so that the coccyx and sciatic tumors are supported), feet (they should stand FULLY on the floor) and elbows (so that they rest against the table top along its entire length, and not only on the forearms). With a chair with wheels, the child can spin, move away, change the height of the seat on his own, and during the first years of school, it is also impossible for the legs to reach the floor.



Ecological education

When going on an expedition shopping trip, it is worth taking care of environmental education before we throw ourselves into the whirlwind of shopping madness and develop a habit of buying everything that can fall into his hands and can be useful at school.



Only buy what you really need

Check - maybe the school provided a list of necessary subjects? It may turn out that your child does not need 3 pens, but 3 pencils - because he is just learning to write, or he does not need oil crayons and regular ones are enough.



Look for double profit

I have known the Auchan store for over 20 years and I really like how the offered assortment has changed over the years - I remember how much the layette was for us, and This year's "POP and COOL" layette collection available in Auchan stores encourages us to be eco! not only the composition of the products, but also their brilliant price.


So we gain twice - firstly, we care for the planet and educate children, and secondly - more money stays in our wallet.



Choose what is trendy

What's the trend? And it will not go out of fashion? Ecology of course! Colorful cartoon characters can quickly get bored with your child, and being eco will still be on top. Make sure your child is aware of how to care for the natural environment and why it is so important from an early age.



Choose products made from recycling

Contrary to appearances, there are many such. Just take a look packaging - certainly the manufacturer placed this information on it.



You can also buy felt-tip pens made from recycled bottles in a packaging made of 90% recycled cardboard - an additional advantage is that they can be used against clothes at 35'C.



They are a great option pens and automatic pencils, made of plastic bottles,



and also ecological notebooks whose paper comes from trees specially planted for this purpose.



You will also find notebooks that have a gray or brown cover, but colorful felt-tip pens, a set of stickers are enough and already - your child has not only an ecological notebook, but also original, unique and personally decorated!


And such natural binders will decoration of any room or home office.



You can also do something DIY by asking a loved one, for example Grandma, to sew a pencil case. You can find tutorials on YT, for example here.


They are also a hit non-wooden crayons, also those that have erasers - perfect for the first years of school when untrained hands go beyond the lines.



Choose non-toxic utensils

Remember that children have a long contact with their accessories: make sure that paints, crayons, glues are safe, such as solvent-free glue or an eraser without PVC and irritating fragrances.



Choose reusable products

Choose the eco option: pens with a replaceable refill, a wooden ruler or a metal sharpener, which will last longer and you can replace its blade.



Helpful gadgets

Finally, we also selected a few stationery gadgets, such as a paste for fixing pictures on the wall, and with it we decorated the room with pictures,



and the space above the desk with family photos.



The stickers are also fantastic bookmarkswith which we mark where we finished reading or art tasks that we want to do later.



Of course, we couldn't leave without pencil case - we chose one without equipment, and we put a family photo in place of the timetable.



We have a backpack from kindergarten and we will stay with it for now, but the selection of backpacks, satchels, workpacks or bags for sports clothes and shoes for a change exceeded our expectations.


We also bought paints, brushes, pencil sharpeners, chalk for writing on the pavement and hopscotch, blotting paper and brilliant motivational sticker board ...



We are ready for kindergarten!



How are you?

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  • 22.09.2020

    a nice room, and the chairs are very functional, because the parent can sit down and explain calmly. Whenever I shop, they are well thought-out and this way I have what was planned.

    • 08.10.2020

      We still have a toddler who wants to start arranging and playing roborobo he came up with it, well for me it is a great alternative to ordinary toys or computer games.

  • 21.09.2020

    My purchases are always well-thought-out and this time it was the same. Of course, I focus on ecology and everything that is healthy.

  • 17.09.2020

    I always make a cheat sheet, then I avoid unnecessary things. Of course I look to buy non-toxic and ecological.

  • 07.09.2020

    I was just buying a layette for kindergarten and I was trying to buy only the most important and in reasonable quantities. I remember that as a child I had several types of paint, but I really needed some.

  • 04.09.2020

    I follow the principle "don't take your baby to the store" and then I can buy reasonably. Unfortunately, the husband takes the children to the store and, for example, going to get a pencil, he will come back with a few bags of everything that the children said they needed 🙂

  • 20.08.2020

    I would love to work with such a desk :))

  • 19.08.2020

    Non-toxic, ecological which means much healthier and let's stick to that.

  • 12.08.2020

    I think I'm always more stressed about the new school year than my children 😀 Yesterday I already read about backpacks on (and I recommend that I be interested in this subject especially because I remember what it was like to have a mismatched school bag), and today it's time to make a list of small things. Although I must admit that it was only reading this post that I started to consider choosing ecological utensils.

    • 14.08.2020

      oh yes - I had no idea that ecological utensils are so easily available and so pocket-friendly 🙂

    • Nataia

      Where did such beautiful piggy banks come from? :)

  • 10.08.2020

    I've always been delighted with the content without looking what it's made of, now I know it's very helpful.

  • 10.08.2020

    The ecological approach is amazing. I really respect that for that!

  • Anna

    I wanted to ask where is the wallpaper on the wall with the desk, the model one?