Challenge: I will like cooking!

I will like cooking culinary photos

I do not like cooking. I just do not like. But I will try to like it, what the hell.
I also love to eat well and it's a pity, first of all, in my kitchen (literally), and secondly, my palate, that subsequent years are wasted on reheating frozen food.

So I start a series of culinary posts and every week I will want to present to you at least one dish that I dared to prepare.

Due to the fact that I know cooking as well as quantum physics, I will gladly accept all your advice or ideas for simple dishes.

Here's a list of my first steps in the kitchen:

1. Chicken rolls with parsley and blue cheese (already done and eaten, I will tell you that they were delicious, deserved 5 blankets, and the time for their preparation was in 30 minutes)

2. Meatballs with potato salad

4. New Year's carrot muffins

5. American pancakes according to Magda Gessler

And you like to cook? Because if not… then maybe you will join the challenge?

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  • 04.12.2013

    I love cooking, but not cleaning;) 30 minutes, gusts maybe 45 and you can cook a good, meaty (two guys in the family) dinner 🙂
    I'll give you a recipe because I don't write about cooking on my blog;
    Arink pancakes - I thought up myself - you fry a thin potato pancake, so huge, for a whole frying pan, cover it with fried, spicy minced meat, then grated cheese (in the microwave to let the cheese melt, or directly in the pan), you put thick slices of tomato and pour the sauce "Greek yoghurt plus garlic" such tzatziki without cucumber;) One portion for a large peasant!
    Simple, but on the occasion of family visits I have to do this dish, they tasted it 🙂

  • 11.11.2013

    It's a nice challenge 🙂 I have days when I could not leave the kitchen, I cook and bake all at once 🙂 and sometimes when asked "what for dinner" I get white fever because I do not feel like cooking, greetings

  • 10.11.2013

    I invite you to me 🙂

    I have several recipes for tasty and simple dishes 🙂

  • 09.11.2013

    I have recently made a similar call 🙂 Regards 🙂

  • 07.11.2013

    But quantum physics is not that difficult 😉 It's a matter of flexibility of the mind, so let's go! I think you've found a way to like cooking - an artistic activity. Here is a picture of the color scheme - a very good plan. And delicious! 😉

  • 05.11.2013

    I will not take up the challenges. I like to bake, cook only by force. Well, maybe someday? :))

  • 04.11.2013

    fingers crossed. I am waiting for a photo report.
    I love to cook, although I don't always do well….
    I recommend a blog exact recipes, and if the author suggests. I buy the ingredient that I feel like, I type in their search engine and adjust the recipe.

    • 04.11.2013

      from their recipe I recommend pumpkin risotto, mega easy, fast and on time.

  • 04.11.2013

    I also don't like cooking, although it is slowly changing. Unfortunately, I live alone and I don't feel like cooking because I will always make too large portions and I have to eat the same for several days 🙂

    • 04.11.2013

      I have to think seriously about this freezing 🙂 I am definitely more motivated by cooking for a few people, especially when everyone helps;)) I am far from working because I am still studying and my friends live with my parents ... that's good 🙂

  • 04.11.2013

    Like you, I have the best if I have a recipe for a simple dish, because then I know it can work 😀
    I recommend spicy pumpkin soup:

    Greetings Ania

  • 04.11.2013

    And I don't cook because I don't have to. This is one of the advantages of living in a multi-generational house 😉 So far, when I cook something, I do it with great pleasure, not by force but by my own free will. What will it be like when my husband and I are on our own? I don't know ... but I will gladly take advantage of your recipes, I will do my mother more often 🙂

  • 04.11.2013

    I remembered your announcements of this challenge. I will watch you because I don't like cooking and maybe I will join the challenge and I will definitely use some dishes pot

  • Full husband

    I confirm - pride 🙂