Challenge: I will like cooking!

I will like cooking culinary photos

I do not like cooking. I just do not like. But I will try to like it, what the hell.
I also love to eat well and it's a pity, first of all, in my kitchen (literally), and secondly, my palate, that subsequent years are wasted on reheating frozen food.

So I start a series of culinary posts and every week I will want to present to you at least one dish that I dared to prepare.

Due to the fact that I know cooking as well as quantum physics, I will gladly accept all your advice or ideas for simple dishes.

Here's a list of my first steps in the kitchen:

1. Chicken rolls with parsley and blue cheese (already done and eaten, I will tell you that they were delicious, deserved 5 blankets, and the time for their preparation was in 30 minutes)

2. Meatballs with potato salad

4. New Year's carrot muffins

5. American pancakes according to Magda Gessler

And you like to cook? Because if not… then maybe you will join the challenge?

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