Challenge: I get up early, I don't recognize afternoon naps!

It is not without reason that in the "About me" tab I wrote about myself "sleeping beauty". I love to sleep. I have always liked it, no matter if I did everything or nothing at any given moment in my life.

Many times I thought about it more deeply, suspecting from addiction to sleeping, from being late, from adrenaline.

The same number of times I diagnosed the "owl" in myself, agreeing with my supposed nature.

I also had many periods in my life, when getting up early from Monday to Friday was my habit, and the alarm clock set at the exit door from the bedroom, washing the face with cold water and avoiding thinking about how terrible that I get up proved to be a proven way I'm cold and terrible.

Today I got up at 6 in the morning, ate with my husband breakfast, absorbed in the dream to drink coffee under a warm duvet in bed, work a bit to deserve another nap. I am a master at arranging naps.

During the morning coffee at the laptop I came across the post: "Who gets up in the morning ... or the project" I don't sleep my life ", and its author Helineth she seemed to write on my behalf.
I decided to use the materials that I recommend on the Internet, find motivation to get up early, because getting up for getting up early doesn't make sense.

I watched Bartek Popiel's guide about how to get up early, of course, under the covers, you will laugh as I tell you that during the third part I fell asleep twice and had to scroll 😉

Nevertheless, I decided to motivate myself and take up a challenge similar to Helineth - getting up early for the next 30 days at 6:00 am, and most importantly, no naps during the day, which we love so much ...

I start from tomorrow!
And that's not all, so that it is not a change for the sake of change, as Bartek Popiel recommended, today I will look for motivation to get up early during the day.

PS Moreover, I will send a link to this post to my husband, I hope he will appreciate my resolution and will be willing to help. In his situation, there is no question of a "challenge" - he gets up every day 5: 30-6: 30, but maybe he will be pleased to think that I will join him and abandon afternoon naps together in favor of going to bed earlier?

PS2 or maybe someone wants to join?

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