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Most often, we spend time together after work, being with children. Usually we go for a walk to the sea (optimistic version when Dad returns from work before 17: 00) or go to the nearby playground (version for those late from work when there is no time for commuting). Sometimes it happens that Dad takes the baby for a walk (or the 2 Baby package when I have to do something at home alone). What is the difference between these outputs?


Dad needs to be better prepared and have accessories ready! 🙂


Mikołaj is already over 3 years old and I can say with full conviction that this is the age from which a child can be on a playground or walk without any additional "equipment". He does not need a pacifier, diaper, he can walk, run, talk, he can eat something that can be bought in any "grocery" in an emergency, he will drink from a bottle bought in a store, regardless of the diameter of the cap and pee, like a boy, he can do anywhere (sic !). Basically - you can take your three-year-old son by the hand and go ahead.


It is different with little 9-month-old Maks - apart from the stroller, a few more things are needed. Some are more necessary, some less, but the rule is: the number of accessories for a child decreases in direct proportion to age. Probably every child knows what the tragedy is when the only teat falls to the ground or we forgot to take the milk. If we are breastfeeding, we have this one less problem, but… as long as it is we have we're on this walk.


Today, XNUMXst century inventions come to the rescue, which make the time of children (or perhaps more parents) easier and more enjoyable. Our last discovery is magic bottle. Why magic Because it doesn't give a child a reason to cry, and not only because it doesn't cause colic (it has an anatomical shape and 6 ventilation holes), but because the child gets food at an express pace.


My husband is a gadget. In a positive sense. He likes technical issues and news, so he was very interested in the magic, self-heating bottle Yoomi : )


Such a bottle will help in many situations - it will be perfect for:

- at night, when we are feeding or feeding the baby with powdered milk, and we do not want to run to the kitchen and prepare perfectly warm water, which always takes too much time,

- when we leave the baby in the care of a third person - who does not necessarily know how to heat expressed milk or in what proportions to mix hot and cold water,

- on a walk - both with powdered milk and with Mum's milk - when Dad or Grandma is going for a walk,

- on a plane,

- in train,

- in the restaurant,

- on a trip,

- wherever we cannot heat food.


With Santa in the car, we have already tested 2 solutions for car heaters connected to the cigarette lighter socket: both work, but food or water for milk powder must start heating up much earlier - even half an hour earlier! How many times had she failed to warm up in time, especially in winter? How many times have we stopped the car at the nearest station and ordered boiling water to add to the water in our bottle?


With Yoomi, heating milk or water to the perfect temperature takes ... 60 seconds! And by the way, it does not take up much space because it is… built into the bottle.


How many times I asked to heat the water in a restaurant or on a plane, so many times I received boiling water and I was not sure yet how this water was heated and whether it had lost its sterility. The situation was even worse when Wojtek outside his home asked to heat my milk ...


Remember that you cannot heat milk - especially mother's milk - by putting a bottle in boiling water, because this way you destroy valuable food ingredients.


How does a self-heating bottle work?


The bottle works in a similar way to hand warmers or the well-known "Mr. B ”for abdominal colic and is intended for heating both Mama's milk and powdered milk.


1. The cartridge is previously "loaded", cooking in water or in a microwave and wait until it cools down. We put the cartridge into the teat from the bottle, and we pour the mother's milk or water into the bottle, to which we will pour the milk powder at the right moment.

yoomi bottle


2. We activate the contribution at any time by pressing the button and we wait 30 seconds.

self-heating bottle Yoomi self-heating bottle


3. Bottle with food owe turn upside down for another 30 seconds - the cartridge warms up the food in the bottle by heating up - it has special grooves, thanks to which the whole process is faster, and heating occurs by contact with a not very warm surface.

yoomi baby bottle


4. After 60 seconds it's ready! The temperature of the milk is perfect for consumption - like Mom's milk - around 32-24'C.

bottle with yoomi refill yoomi self-heating bottle yoomi milk heating bottle yoomi heating bottle self-heating milk bottleself-heating baby bottle



It's also nice that activation takes place by pressing the button through a part of the teat that the child does not have in his mouth.


At first, I was afraid that outside the home I would have to pick up the cartridge and then put it in a bottle, which would be unhygienic. Especially on a walk, when I was building sand cakes a moment ago. Oh yes - the bottle can be washed or sterilized at home and put together, a when you need food at the perfect temperature - we will get it in a minute. Fast, healthy and safe - without unnecessary waiting, without overheating the milk and risk of burns. It's nice that thanks to the heater, the soother is also warm, so it resembles Mom's breast to the maximum, and the warmer keeps warm for an hour.



Bottom line: Dad on the walk has one problem with his head.

Unless you forget to take your milk bottle with you 😉


And the whole family gains new opportunities.


Here in Rome, this solution allows Wojtek to walk alone with the boys, during which I can write this post for you.


And you, what are your ways to heat the milk?

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  • PacioG

    What a fantastic baby bottle 🙂 perfect if there is no microwave nearby, just for walking trips, etc. I probably have standard heating in the microwave, but I think that soon I will change this way for this cool bottle 🙂