Will you have a emperor? Just don't tell anyone about it!

caesarean section and scar after cesarean section

Even if you have indications for a caesarean section, for example the buttock position at the first delivery, for a narrow pelvis or discopathy, you know that a threatened and burdened pregnancy will need to be resolved ahead of time so that the baby is more likely to be healthy, or it happened to you all at once, absolutely don't tell anyone that you'll probably have a Caesar!

If you know me a bit, you know that if there is a choice, I will always support the one that is closer to nature, more eco, without unnecessary modifications. Undoubtedly, I support the idea of ​​natural births. Preferably at home, with your favorite music and candlelight. But it is not always possible, it is not always safe, it is the best. Increasingly, children are born who would never have been born without the interference of medicine or pharmacology. Unfortunately, their mothers are very often victims of other mother terrorists ...

That is why I will tell you today why it is sometimes worth biting your tongue and even if you suspect that your child will be born via Caesarean section, simply do not admit to whom he falls. Otherwise you will learn things after which your life may never be the same again ...

You will learn that:

You are a bad mother! The child has not yet been born and the whole world shows you that you are already angry. And you won't even give birth to a child. Yet the emperor is not childbirth.

You are afraid of delivery. And this is shame and shame. Those who give birth are not afraid of anything and nothing!

The emperor hurts a lot more than a natural delivery. Of course, labor hurts first of all during, and the emperor after the fact ... Many mothers will tell you about it, especially those who only had caesarean section. They know best.

- For sure you have no indication for the emperor. Your doctor is wrong and this friend is right. Or a neighbor. Or your mom's neighbor. Or her neighbor. Just see section 2.

- Sure The child is not arranged at all gluteal, that's how they put it on your pregnancy card. Because of course you're afraid of delivery. And the entry in the pregnancy card obliges. They won't do any tests before giving birth and this scam will come to light only after they open your stomach. Don't worry, you say it just turned around.

- You don't want the best and the best for your child. You are selfish and only think about yourself. Because ... you are afraid of delivery.

You had to pay a lot. Because you certainly don't have indications for the emperor.

You will have problems with breastfeeding. And at your own request. So you'll be a bad mother.

Your child will have problems. With everything and the same problems. You will learn that children after cesarean section have problems with balance. With playing sports. With touch. They are tearful and rude. They have colic. It is best to immediately register your child for rehabilitation.

Or maybe you won't be a real mother at all? You didn't give birth.

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  • 20.10.2018

    It is very sad that women can be so cruel to each other. After all, it doesn't matter if the emperor or the natural delivery - how can you even evaluate in this way? It is better for a child to be born with defects, as long as childbirth is natural? What nonsense and some home-grown wisdom ... Texts like yours are badly needed.

  • Anna Ka

    Only truth! I am already at the end of my first pregnancy. The attitude from the very beginning was such that I give birth by forces of nature. Cesarka? Absolutely! One: this option makes me shiver, two: I've never had any surgery so the stress would be tremendous. And here like a thunderbolt on my last visit, I only heard that "You can't do it". Disproportionate and too much risk for Bobo and me. I left the office with terror, tears did not come to my eyes, but well, I have accepted it and optimistic, because the good of the child over all suffering and inconvenience. However, as you wrote, there is not much to tell outsiders about it. 2 point. 4. and 7. I immediately heard as soon as the "How" question was asked. Well, people are what they are, and those who have no idea about childbirth, contraindications, the risk associated with it, will talk and think their own, because they know better and just such a medium would just talk in spite of everyone. The ground is not to worry about what people say, because it's their nature. Listen to your doctor and your heart voice 🙂

  • 22.02.2017

    I fully agree with you. I felt terrible after cc and I had huge problems with taking care of my little one, fluctuations in moods did not help and although today he laughs at all those pranks, then I was completely laugh and I was unable to distance myself from it.

  • Natalia

    Mam23 years and I am in my first pregnancy. I am afraid of natural delivery and I have always known that I would not want to give birth naturally. These are the beginnings of my pregnancy because it was only the fifth week but from where I learned that I was pregnant I can not stop asking questions as it will of course my husband tells me that sometimes I am exaggerating but I don't think so I realize that it hurts a lot but I think about "harming my crotch" I feel weak and immediately gets nervous and cries.

    • 02.06.2016

      during pregnancy hormones go crazy, maybe even change their mind several times, the ground is to do what you are convinced, then everything goes easier 🙂

  • paulina

    It's already my 4cc we were aware of the decision about the next child and the risk of delivery, but we don't give up the solution for a week. She lay in the hospital for a few days and the head physician told me that the ward would not accept me for the second time because I was a walking bomb and the fat doctor had the most important voice in this matter. The words hurt for it but I don't give up ... I have to admit that I gained weight, but in every pregnancy, I lose weight and thin

    • 02.06.2016

      What an unpleasant story 🙁 unfortunately medical staff can be very mean 🙁 I hope all this is behind you and you are a happy family in the set <3

  • Mum with M.

    Since I was pregnant I was afraid of childbirth ... I had nightmares even before 20 pregnancy week. It is normal that a woman is afraid of it because it hurts. At birth school, I came across midnight vocations that helped me overcome this fear and no longer even thought about it in the form of such a bad thing. But just during the end of pregnancy pelvic bones hurt me a check-up visit measurement of pelvic bone spacing and BACH emperor already spreads bones as soon as possible! Fear because she is an emperor who was not mentally prepared at all. But I am grateful that I did not have to be in a cast after having a baby and my baby is safe and sound! and all that matters is that the mother and baby are to be healthy and happy, not what type of delivery
    PS, my access after CC went very well I was expecting worse pain and in the meantime I took it better than I had imagined 😉 Ah and all people hearing that I have CC tomorrow they said great you will not be hurt ... Right?

    • 02.06.2016

      exactly - you can't generalize, I was terribly tired for it, but I don't brag about any pregnant woman - it won't change anything anyway.

  • Monika Pallach

    Being in my first pregnancy and after delivery I can perfectly see the terror of other "better" mothers. First, a million pregnancy superstitions: don't eat this, don't eat that, don't carry it, and how big your stomach you are - maybe they are twins. .. After delivery I thought it would pass but it was only worse. I could not breastfeed and I was feeding mm. I listened that every mother would feed her child, I didn't try hard enough, etc. Now I'm in my second pregnancy and history repeats itself. I thought talking to others would care less for me and now I'm even more annoyed !! I am sure of one thing, every mother loves her child and wants the best for him. Nature is not always good for us, but we try, and if you naturally feed or feed it will not be difficult. The most important thing is that we have someone to get up at the crack of dawn and love more than life <3

    • 02.06.2016

      exactly, it's important to find your way and be happy, don't look at others and try to live the way they want.

  • anial

    I also have a line of luck and I am not ashamed of it 🙂 I tried rehabilitation and other methods to make the parent sn but in 9miesiac the orthopedic doctor extinguished my hopes ... .. I can't manage sn and I need to cut ... now the surgery is waiting for my hip .... maybe then I will have a better chance in the second pregnancy to mic see how it is to give birth naturally 🙂 greetings

    • 22.09.2015

      "Happiness line" - aaaaaaale wonderful name! I will never say differently again 🙂 I wish you luck during the surgery: *

  • Monk

    I gave birth through CC. Comments from third parties no longer touched me after the endocrinologist commented on my pregnancy - "Why did you get pregnant with cancer?" I felt like it was on my lips - "And why are you going to bed with my shoes?"

    • 21.09.2015

      Dear, I hug tight! I miss the words ... Congratulations on this brave decision, it is definitely the best, because your <3

  • Klaudyna

    I insisted on doing naturally. After 26h, however, the doctor said that I could not cope because the child was too big, the head was already sticking out. So they made me CC. As a result, I was finished after 26, it hurts me on my delivery bed and I ached after CC. I don't know how to plan a second pregnancy.

    • 21.09.2015

      Oh you must have been exhausted. Probably the child was so low that it was impossible (good or not at all) to measure the circumference of the head and predict such ending. I think that in the second pregnancy you will rely on a doctor, on your intuition and make the best decision.

  • Wave

    I wanted and even wanted a parent naturally but after the pulse disappeared at the little girl landed on the table. The fact that the scar disfigures but I didn't hurt or hurt and I was very scared. I wanted to breastfeed, I fed a little month and then the baby switched to a bottle. And I am happy that it happened I have a healthy and beautiful daughter currently has 2 months and she laughs beautifully I am slowly forgetting about the drama that took place in my head on the way to the table :-)

    • 21.09.2015

      Congratulations on the serenity and keep it up 🙂

  • Ania

    shortly after my delivery my mother-in-law said during the conversation (quote) "you didn't give birth, they took the child out of you" ... I will leave the rest without comment. These words hurt for a long time ...... But later I found out that she was just a "stupid woman" ... and no, I will not worry. The scar that will remain on my body until the end is the scar that gave life to my little son - I love him unconditionally !!! I am a mother after cesarean section and I am not ashamed of anything. I did not plan such a course of delivery, I had no influence on my decision. And surprisingly, I met my mother-in-law never met with critical comments, e.g. from unrelated people ... As you can see, sometimes a stranger may turn out to be kinder than a loved one ... I greet all mums and you Agnieszka :)

    • 31.08.2015

      I have no words to comment on these words, but I can perfectly imagine how they must have hurt. But you are right, stupid people are not worth worrying! However, we know well that after giving birth, when hormones go crazy, it is even more difficult to implement this wisdom.

  • Asia Z.

    After childbirth, I envied those women who had the emperor. I really don't understand why this natural birth is considered better. In the hospital it was possible to recognize which mother gave birth - those after birth were walking slowly, but normally, after birth as if they were ducks. For the first month I could not sit down normally (seam almost for half a butt), I was afraid to sneeze, cough, and to pee I had to get under a warm stream of water in the shower cabin ... I will not mention this heavier physiological activity, because it's almost a trauma . And hemorrhoids as a gift. And in the child, the asymmetry of the cerebral ventricles, because they either did not oxygenate or had slight bleeding in the brain through my pressure. Probably the only minus in cc is the fact that you can't take a child in your arms right after (in my not quite objective opinion, because I don't really know what the emperor looks like and how long it takes to recover).

    • Karolina

      Exactly everywhere it's good where we are not and every delivery is different and every organism tolerates it all differently. I envied my mothers again after Monday which the next day were speeding down the corridor and I walked bent in half. But I didn't survive the natural delivery and I can't compare. No matter how you are born, only that our babies are born healthy. PS I was also afraid to sneeze 🙂

    • 23.09.2015

      My Dad told me the secret what to do not to sneeze - press on his nose and hold - works !!! I used for a long time 😉 And the health of children and ours must always be in the first place!

    • Aga

      Hello, I 13 hours 30 minutes of suffering, aches and pains, a nightmare I gave birth I would not have been bad if my stitches were not mistaken and there were external soluble sores etc. but I quickly recovered 2 delivery of twins from half of pregnancy practically hospital threat of support then last month in the hospital I had a bad feeling, of course, I did not want it all the more because there were 4 childbirth campaigns and nothing after 2-3 hours the end went by myself I asked the head physician for cesarke after all, one child has a transverse position they did not want to hear anything but it was natural that I was born in 40 week miracle, how is it possible, the more that there were 2 attempts to induce delivery with oxytocin, sit, I could not feel my head, but there was no contraction, another oxytocin even attempts to puncture the fetal bladder, but the doctor was afraid because too low head, emperor, nightmare pain, I felt every prick. with humiliation and shame why? I don't know to this day, maybe because everyone is beretting, just that the emperor is not giving birth? but ... when I gave birth to my son, the doctors got to my daughter, I heard the disbelief in their voice and the words "God would not be born too short umbilical cord" were called 3 doctors because as you can not see it they talked as if I was deaf about the consequences that would give birth natural, i.e. pulling the umbilical cord, placenta, the death of my child or both of them, I was shocked when I started sobbing, the anaesthesiologist of doctors silenced despite everything, I was recovering for a long time, I had a huge belly, stretched, the skin lay on my knees, burns on the scar, I couldn't get up, I was sleeping in a midwife chair they helped me in everything, but I say yes, I want a parent naturally, if I ever have one day, but I would like to have a choice when I want to give birth in the future, that there would be no Middle Ages, that doctors or midwives, apart from research, would talk and explain what is connected with then even if young mothers easier

  • Bad mom

    I had a Caesar because I wanted to.
    I didn't breastfeed because I didn't want to.
    From the month of pregnancy 4 I was already sitting at home.
    After "delivery" of 3, I recovered for weeks. Mother and husband were a great help for me. However, the desire to take care of the baby was greater, so I asked them to let me feed her, change and cuddle her at the same time without leaving the bed.
    Since birth, baby has been sleeping alone in his room. She has been sleeping through 2 hours at night since 8. Now it's 14 months, it's about sleeping about 18..00, about 5.00 cylinder, nap, about 6.00 wake up, throw the toys into the cot and to 7.00 can take care of yourself, then do not have to get up :)
    The child has never had a colic, develops properly, is not overweight, zero digestive problems.
    I went on a one-year maternity leave, then an overdue leave. I suspended extramural studies (I was too greedy and I had little time spent all our 3). Now I have decided to go on parental leave. Work will not escape, the only thing I can miss is promotion, pay rise, you can live without it. My husband is growing, gathering experience, he is promoted, I am happy with him. You need to tighten the belt but the nursery is also not free. Nursery, I will send a child to nursery. Not now, next year. But. First half of the day, then the whole day when I get back to work, of course in the office.
    Since 14, teddy bears spend every moment with my child, I get to know the world with her, teach new things, take care of, help. And kids, I leave, I start missing right after closing the door. I decided to put aside everything else women dream about these days, but I'm BAD MOTHER, because I was born by emperor by choice, and I didn't breastfeed.
    People can be cruel, which I have already learned in the hospital ... that's why I agree at 100%. It's better just not to speak. Even if people look at you like pathology, because you gave birth to a child under 30 and you look like 18 ...

    For the first time, comments on anything on the blog, unless everybody sometimes needs to take their credit for it.

    Very Bad Mom

  • 12.08.2015

    Which is right, the worst when such women will gather and begin to talk and "advise" sometime cc I think it was rare and hence such thinking, I believe that intelligent people and those who know what empathy is never any woman who gave birth cc say so , because it is out of place and you just have to blend it, because the most important healthy child, I do not focus on anything only on cooperation with the midwife and medical staff, because probably only then it can help me 🙂

  • Agnieszka

    2 I gave birth cc I have beautiful healthy and thriving sons, what's the difference when you were born it is important that our baby is healthy. Let me just mention that cc was not my fad and the doctor's decision during 18 H delivery by natural forces (first delivery) and the threat of uterine rupture during 2 delivery. I won't comment on terrible comments ... because I don't even know how to say that.

  • 12.08.2015

    I know something about it, I had an emperor unexpectedly because of the dramatically deteriorating health and the first thing I heard after waking up in the room was "how much did you pay?". Then I had problems with feeding (through the emperor, for which I probably paid), my child had muscle tension (also through the emperor) And so I struggle with all these views that unequivocally claim to be a bad mother. Only when my baby looks at me with a smile, I know that it doesn't matter to him how he was born, whether I was breastfeeding or not. My love is the most important thing. Bad mother's love 😉

  • 12.08.2015

    Sometimes I prefer not to speak on children's topics, because here everyone is right. It is a pity that not everyone keeps it to themselves or with tolerance approaches the opinions of others. I was born naturally, but I was put on buttocks, I turned around two days before delivery. Midwives suggested the emperor, but not because of my position, but because of her age. Everything ended well, because my mother found a great doctor, but I am glad that now there are possibilities and knowledge that allows me to react in every situation. Besides, not every buttock position is the same.
    I am terribly disarmed by such situations and texts, because instead of encouraging each other in this difficult period, only women add stress.

    • 31.08.2015

      You have 100% right. It's a difficult time when every woman needs support, a new uncertain situation, fluctuations in hormones can be overwhelming enough, you don't have to add anything to it. Maybe this is a good time to re-evaluate our relationships with friends?