Toys for two years old

XNUMX-year-old toys recommended

..Toys for a two-year-old child - blocks and puzzles, cars and tractors undoubtedly have educational value. Today we present the 5 best educational toys for a two-year-old.

1. Wooden alphabet puzzles from HAPE

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Thanks to them, Santa has learned that objects are three-dimensional, asymmetrical, have mirror images, and putting them in the right place is also not easy, as in the case of ordinary, flat, wooden puzzles with a handle. And the best thing - thanks to these puzzles, Santa, to the surprise of the whole family and kindergarten, at the age of 2 years and 2 months, mastered the entire alphabet! Learning it has opened a source of endless play with letters. During our walks we play looking for letters (Mikuś himself invents these games), we read license plates together, write and draw - there is no end to the letter games! Knowing the alphabet also helps us a lot in learning to speak.

This educational toy for a two-year-old is complemented by a beautiful, large poster with the Alphabet in Santa's room. It allows him to consolidate the acquired knowledge - Miki approaches the poster himself and proudly presents each letter to all interested parties.

I will tell you more - if not for these puzzles, I bet that Miki would not have known this alphabet a few more years, because I would not have thought of teaching him letters at that age. And this is how we learned while having fun, completely natural and "painless". I recommend it very much, because it means that this educational toy for a two-year-old has completely fulfilled its role - it entertains and teaches, completely by the way.

To buy at a price of around PLN 46, here

2. Pyramid from Djeco

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What educational toys should I choose for a two-year-old?
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It's fun, contact fun on the carpet for the whole family. In addition to the development of motor skills and coordination of the child's movement, this educational toy teaches the recognition of animals and later also counting - each wall of the box is a different kind of pictures. And when our little one gets bored with this puzzle, the boxes are perfect for storing smaller toys and other junk.

To buy at a price of about PLN 65, various models here, our pattern here

3. I listen and learn to speak

What toys should I choose for a two-year-old?
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This is a series of notebooks and CDs that are designed to help you learn to speak, while being a fun toy for a two-year-old. We bought the first set of "Syllables and Nouns 1" and we all liked it. I thought that Mikołaj would have great difficulty focusing on "learning", but nothing could be further from the truth - I think that he loves listening, talking and the fact that the whole family's attention during these exercises is focused only on him. When we first did these exercises, I wanted to finish after a few minutes and pages according to my favorite rule for children: unsatisfied is better than satiated. Mikołaj, however, had other plans: he did not let me finish, and when we flipped through the last page, he began to practice speaking again.

To buy at a price of around PLN 20, here

4. Music discs and playlists

Can they be a toy for a two-year-old? Of course! Because it is a treat for adults and children. Children's songs, such as showing, learning the alphabet or various activities, are a great pleasure for us. Mikołaj quickly learned how to use the equipment playing at home and you can see that listening and singing gives him great joy. We listen to songs in Polish and English. Santa began to repeat melodies much faster than individual words. Here are our favorite playlists:

5. Number puzzles and numbers from HAPE

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After learning the alphabet, we started to learn how to count. We used wooden puzzles again, which were great for learning letters and speaking. Although I was afraid that this well-known educational toy for a two-year-old would seem boring to a child, none of these things. The fascination is huge, and the number found and correctly placed and spoken is a great joy for the whole family, but above all for Mikołaj.

To buy for around PLN 40, here

And of course a whole bunch of books. We'll devote a separate post to our two-year-old's favorite books.

Let me know how you like our two-year-old toy suggestions. Be sure to write to me about your educational favorites, because we have a snore on the next items.


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