The 5 best sofa games for kids - and parents above all

I don't know myself what to say about the 5 entry for children's games on the couch, which made me more lazy: fall laziness, sleeplessness or the cold season that we have here. Here are our favorite games on the sofa, i.e. when the parent does not have to run / fly / swim or sweat, and can even lie comfortably on the sofa - even with two Children. Perfect for our cold or children's cold, Christmas morning or afternoon, whenever we dream about not going anywhere. Here are 5 of my hits that I always have at hand!



1. Fun at the doctor

This is my favorite activity, when I have to tame my children at one go, and at the same time I want (or have to) relax.


He is very helpful here little doctor kit - a suitcaseand in it all the necessary attributes of a doctor that make fun even more interesting. A children's toy tablet is nothing more than a portable X-ray!



Our doctor Mikuś always has at least two patients: Mum and Maks, sometimes Dad and Misie join us.


Maks loves to undergo all kinds of tests, as long as Mikuś does them - it's also a great way to do it taming a child with visits to doctor's offices.



The patient is sick. The doctor is giving medications - lots of drops!



Healthy patient! Five!



And finally my turn ...



Over and over again! Until the doctor falls.


I really like this holistic approach to the patient - from general examination, through neurological examination (with a wooden hammer in the knee), diagnosis, to applying drugs and waiting for healing!




2. Base building fun


This is probably my favorite childhood game. Own space, excitement and a sense of security times a million in one.


Garden and sofa cushions, blankets, two children and me - perfect lying fun. At least until someone falls - and I have an antidote for that - more pillows on the floor.




3. Picnic fun

Our rule is that we only eat at the table. And that sometimes I would like to give us all a dispensation for food on the sofa, I know that with us everything is special and always means forever and the children will not forgive me an exception, so I organize a picnic game for them!



And if it wasn't boring, we did it to ourselves telephone with two cups and string.


Remember your childhood game (or Bullerby Kids) with two cans connected with a string, where one person talks into the can and the other listens? Paper cups are great instead of cans. Necessary condition: a string taut so that it transfers vibrations well from the "talking" cup to the "listening" cup.


You can use twine or other, not too thick, but durable material. I remember breaking records for the length of our cordless phones. If you didn't know it, be sure to try it - guaranteed fun and the effect will surprise you!


Amazing that it really works. We sing songs or whisper, and the other person has to guess what the first one said.



And you know what always disarms me?


The heart from Mikuś - he always does this to me before going to kindergarten, or when I feel sad or without an occasion.




4. Reading through engaging


There is no evening with us without a book or two, and when I sometimes fall on my nose during the day, I completely forget that in order to keep the Children with you, you just need to sit down and read to them. I don't remember that Mikuś would ever want to finish reading faster than I do. And the most he likes ... books that engage him in reading, because they contain a lot, for example audio-imitative words such as PUK PUK, TRUTUTUTU, TRUTUTUTU...



that is exactly like the book by Jano i Wito - At home - by Wiola Wołoszyn.




Mikuś loves too books in which you need to find something, and the absolute favorite is here Pucio.




5. Cinema fun


Yes, yes, I know, it's hard to even call it fun, so I put it as the last attraction on the list ... sometimes - especially when we get up at 5:30 on Saturday ... or when after a hard day I don't have the strength to do anything more than sit on the couch. For Mikuś (and parents) popcorn and 3D glasses ...



a for Maks… a set of locks, bolts and other padlocks. I even take them with me to the doctor - I have a guarantee for Maks 100% occupied.



PS We know how convenient popcorn from a bag put into a microwave oven is ... but it's worth making for children healthier popcorn - it is enough to roast corn kernels in a pot with coconut or rapeseed oil, without salt (necessarily for children younger than one year) or with a little salt (for older children and for us). It is also worth trying to get organic (non-GMO) beans - they are available in popular deli. And Maksio will take it ... if he steals.


And how does our jasmine sofa withstand all this?


Playing a picnic on the sofa or children packing in shoes on the sofa does not give us a heart attack despite the fact that our upholstery is so bright, because this time we focused on easy-clean fabric on the sofa.


I admit, I was terribly afraid of her, but now I am not afraid of even morning games at 5:30, when the biggest worries are gone: how to clean dirty feet or traces of snacks from a light gray sofa. And even spilled black coffee or wine in the evening ...



Do you know what is the funniest thing? I worry about this stain every time I watch this video!


How did it happen that I cleaned the sofa with clean water and a paper towel?


This is no trick or special liquid, it's an easy-clean Italian fabric Persempramost of which we wash the dirt with clean water and a paper towel. It is a pity that I did not know her when I bought mys feeding chair!! And I could order it in Persempra upholstery, because the store where I bought it also had it in its offer - Persempra is available in many furniture stores of various manufacturers throughout Poland, the list of which is available here - with a convenient search on the map.


Now I have no doubt that the house can be beautiful and functional. And if you want to see our entire living room, dining room, fireplace and wood storage room and livingroom, be sure to check out the entry How to arrange a living room and separate functional zones ?.


Be sure to let us know how you like them - games and our salon after a metamorphosis!

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  • 29.09.2020

    Super entry 🙂 how many interesting things can be done on the sofa 🙂 and as for cleaning, easy-to-clean stain-resistant material is the best you can decide on

  • 18.06.2020

    I always have a problem with choosing the size of socks, with clothes somehow goes easier because I have already learned but socks is a drama

  • 15.10.2018

    Imaginative these fun! I think I will use them more than once while playing with children. It is a pity that this stained sofa, the children probably ate the fear of being stained. It's great, however, that this stain went down, but I'm surprised that you only managed it with water.

  • 05.10.2018

    Super fun! I remember younger siblings playing doctor; ) Kisses for toddlers

  • 24.09.2018

    But great ideas for playing with children 😉

  • 21.09.2018

    Great ideas for playing with children 🙂

  • 20.09.2018

    Do I want to build a base from my blanket and spend this evening 🙂

  • 19.09.2018

    Living room very bright and cozy, i.e. the way I like it 🙂
    And playing with children is great! I have to try some myself and I hope that my sofa will survive this too 😉
    Greetings! 🙂

  • Weronika

    And where can you buy this toy with locks and latches? 🙂

  • Kate

    Even my heart almost stopped at the sight of this wine stain! Seriously, you can't see the trace with the naked eye?